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Thursday, July 29, 2004

What You Find When You Look Under a Rock

When you start to blog, the whole thing is so foreign, all the nuances.  One of the first things Harvey had me do was get a site meter, so I could further understand who was linking to me etc. For those who do not blog, my site meter is at the bottom and I also registered with The Truth Laid Bear to get myself in the ecosystem. Once again, for those who don’t blog, if you have 0 or 1 readers, you’re an insignificant microbe and as you acquire more and more of a readership, you move up the ecosystem ladder.  The Big Guns, the top 10, are Higher Beings.  It’s kind of fun to see it change and to see your readership grow.

However, what I did not expect to see were some of the odd referral sources via Google. Now I did expect to get some hits from the word Boudicca, which by the way, I realize it is past time for me to blog on and give a history of both her and why I picked her, so that is coming.  I did NOT expect some of the others.

While perusing the referrals the other day I found someone stumbled upon me by typing in the word Portolet.  Hmm.  Sorry, can’t rent them here, but thank you for stopping by and feel free to become a reader as long as you wash your hands!

Yet another referral was for what to wear to a funeral.  Hope it helped!

Got another hit from a certain type of doll I was questioning... and my questions were purely of the sort of  “Is there really a market for this?” and the answer is evidently “yes” as I received numerous hits for it.  (Not posting the name of the doll… don’t need the hits, thank you.)  And if you are a reader from one of those hits, please feel free to stay, I am open minded, just didn’t see the market. That is all.

And lastly, and this one just flat out startled me, was a hit I got for a joke I pasted in about John Kerry.  Evidently there was a ‘group’ looking for references to this joke and googled it. I was the only place they found, so they posted it on their website.  It was a group into some heavy heavy bondage.  Hunh.  I was surprised.  And if you're a reader from that, I'm glad you have broader interests than bondage and you are welcome to stay.

Now I am feeling very fortunate that so far it has been fairly benign… compared to what I know of blogfather Harvey and some hits he’s had and I can only imagine the types of hits blogfather Grau gets with some very funny weird word combinations, take no prisoners approach that he has to everything.  Both write some very funny stuff... I can only imagine what they get Googled for.

Meanwhile, as I wrote this post yesterday, blogsister Sally was saying no matter what she throws in her computer search engine, no matter how innocent, she ends up given sex pages as answers.  My opinion… Harvey is tinkering with her search engine!  Heh heh heh!!!

**Update**  I get a lot of hits for Elmo Underwear.  If you found this site because this is what you are searching for... KMart has them.  They have the best selection of Sesame Street stuff around.  :)  Glad to be of help! 


Blogger Harvey said...

Damn! I've been discovered!

[runs & hides]

8:34 PM  
Blogger Graumagus said...

They posted the joke without asking???
You better give me the URL for that bondage site so I can scour their content to see what else has been stolen....

9:43 AM  
Blogger Boudicca said...

Well it wasn't really my joke. It was e-mailed to me, I just copied and pasted. And it wasn't a blog, but a real website. However, if I can find that site... I will e-mail it to you! (Big Big Grin!)

12:10 PM  

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