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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

A Run for the Office of First Lady

I was over at Pam’s and there was talk about Mrs. Kerry.  BTW, I added Pam to my blogroll shortly after Beth.  Even though Harvey won’t adopt her as a blogdaughter, since she is so well established, she just feels like blog family.  I would put her on the same footing as Harv, as he pretty much said. 

Rambling. Damn. OK, so I put in her comments, jokingly, but still giving thought to the fact that I think that Mrs. Kerry may be worse than Hillary.  I just don’t know what to think of this woman.  Now of course I don’t really think she is as scary as Hillary.  I was being flippant.  She cannot be near as damn dangerous as Hillary.  Hillary has aspirations to be the big Cheese and that scares the ever livin’ Bejesus out of me.  I’m telling you, she becomes El Presidento and I’m seriously looking to el Move-o to el Scotland-O.  No matter how frickin’ cold it is there… all year round.  So on the scare-o-meter, Hillary wins. She is also scarier to look at.  And listen to.  I am rambling again.

Keep in mind, this is NOT based on anything I have read; this is just primal gut instinct.  But what bothers me about Mrs. Heinz-Kerry is my perception that she wants/needs to be the big Cheese’s wife so badly that she will go from being a Republican to being a Democrat. You cannot convince me that when he was courting her, he never confessed to her that one day he intended to be President of the USA.  You can’t. I know men, they confess to their women their big dreams and aspirations, whether it be over a romantic dinner or after great sex.  It happens.  She has the money, he has the path… and together they have high hopes of boinking their brains out in the Big House.  Sorry, the visions… cannot. Who in the hell would want to have sex with that man?  Harvey described him as looking like Droopy Dog once.  Well, just damn, if that wasn’t such a good description I can NEVER get it out of my head.  I hope that if Kerry becomes the Big Man, that Doonesbury uses a dog bone as his sign in the cartoon.

I’m digressing again.  Must be an ADHD day.  Too much cardio… must focus. Anyway, I think that overall, Mrs. Kerry is a scary person in other ways.  When I think of her, as I said in the comments, I see a woman who only wants to go down in permanent history.  A woman who wants her dress in the Smithsonian.  She wants a famous portrait of her and her husband to adorn the famous walls forever. She wants 100 years from now for people to talk about the impact she had as First Lady… you know, the Jackie O had style, Mrs. Reagan brought back the grace and class, Mrs. Clinton was a cold calloused bitch. That kind of thing.  And I just have a really hard time respecting a woman who wants to be Mrs. President so badly that she can suddenly say, “Oh wait! All I believed before was wrong! I have SEEN the light.  And the light shows this is my path”.

Because of her thirst for this position, she gave this bozo the boost he needed.  Money talks.  If it were not for her, I seriously doubt that Mr. Kerry would be running right now.  It is Mrs. Heinz-Kerry we can thank for that! 

So Mrs. Heinz-Kerry gets under my skin.  In a very very big way. Mrs. Clinton scares the frickin’ hell out of me AND gets under my skin. And if you think I have it in for Democratic Presidential wives… Wrong-o!  I had no problem with Mrs. Carter although I loathed her husband.  I had no issues with Jackie-O… felt kinda bad for her being married to such a complete loser actually. And no issues with Lady Bird…although it is again a feel bad for being married to such a frickin’ loser/criminal/maybe worst President we ever had type thing.

Anyway, maybe I’m wrong.  I just think Mrs. Heinz-Kerry, former Republican turned Democrat, in the race to win the Presidential bed, use the Presidential china, and get a dress in the Smithsonian, scares me so.  Her moral center is not visible to me and she is personally responsible for giving us Droopy Dog. 


Blogger pamibe said...

By "Scotland-O" I was laughing my butt off...

I just read at Drudge that Teresa says her johnny can stop global warming and not send Americans to fight for foreign oil.... Alrighty then!

It's not that she scares me - like Hillary; it's more of a vague, uneasy feeling. Ugh. So, I hear you! ;)

8:19 PM  
Blogger Harvey said...

Don't know enough about THK to care at this point, but I think you're probably right about her wanting to sleep her way to the top. It's not a coincidence that she's married a politician before.

9:11 AM  

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