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Sunday, June 27, 2004

A New Doll for your Daughter... or Son???

I saw this article about Lesbians in Fashion this morning in the NY Times. I was just browsing through the article when I noticed what I thought was the most interesting part of the article. It’s not that Lesbians in Fashions aren’t interesting, but I’m not a Lesbian and I’m not into Fashion, so I clicked it for curiosity, not because the topic was something in the least bit appealing.

"I have this theory that lesbians start certain fashion things," said Stephanie Perdomo, the creator of a new collection of action figures called Dyke dolls, which will be sold on the Internet starting in July.”

Did you catch that? It’s not her quote that had me do the double take. It’s what she is creating for the internet. And then there is this:

“Still, the least obvious conclusion to be drawn from the Von Dutch trucker cap phenomenon might be that it originated among a bunch of gender-obsessed young lesbians — the prototypes for Bobbie the Dyke doll. "Trucker hats, wallet chains, cowboy boots and straw Stetsons, all that started with gay women and was transformed into street fashion,"…”

Bobbie the Dyke doll. OK, who is going to buy that? Is there really a mass market I am unaware of for Dyke dolls?


Blogger littlejoe said...

Ya know, let a breeder call their dolls a dyke and they'd have hell to pay. I just don't get it. Now we have to find some other offensive word for lesbians, they seem to have embraced dyke...great.

6:08 PM  
Blogger Harvey said...

I don't think they need a whole new line for that. I mean, come on, am I the ONLY person who ever looked at Barbie's little sister Skipper and thought "lesbian"? :-)

8:54 AM  
Blogger Boudicca said...

I don't have problems with people's sexual orientation at all... as long as I don't have to explain anything to my young children. I just don't see where there is a market for this. I mean, really. Who is going to buy them?

As for Skipper... Harv, I never thought that. :) That frickin' never crossed my mind!

9:07 PM  

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