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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Voting with the Elite

The Great Omnipotent One has been harassing me…

See, I live way out in the sticks. I live so far out, that when people are coming to my place and have never been out this far, I tell them “Go to the point you think you may be lost and then in a couple miles you’ll see houses.”

I live in an actual residential neighborhood, still on well and septic, but we have paved streets. But even in the sticks, considering this is Palm Beach County, there is a Golf Course community out here with a nice damn Country Club. That neighborhood is located about a mile from me.

For years, when I went to vote, I had to go even further into the sticks out some back roads… all of them dirt, to try to find my precinct. We would all stress when we had to vote, hunting for the previous year’s map on how to get there and inevitably at least one of us would get lost trying to vote. Talk about a real damper on voter enthusiasm.

Well as good fortune would have it, 2 years ago they changed my precinct. I now vote at the Country Club. Oh yes, I now go into that HIGHLY SECURED gated community and place my vote. It’s close and it’s nice, but I must tell you, it feels very odd. Being used to voting at a church, school or fire house, it doesn’t feel quite right, but at least I KNOW where this place is located.

So today TGOO calls me to see when I’m voting. He and Mom voted absentee, but I have been adamant that 1) I’m a traditionalist and I MUST vote on the day and 2) my boys should be with me. A family thing. I tell him I’m voting around 4 after I pick up the kids and he tells me I may have a long wait and it could be a pain with my boys. I tell him I don’t have to worry as my voting precinct is at the Country Club in the adjacent neighborhood and he laughs and says something like, “Your boys aren’t going to get the real flavor of voting at a Country Club!!! They need to vote in the inner city!”

Well, it’s not as if we were voting in the inner city before. I was voting with rednecks who drove pick up trucks with Confederate flags in the back, shotgun rack, and a bumper sticker that either said, “Yankee Go Home” or “It’s Tourist Season… (some mention here about shooting them)”.

I vote today and I call him to say it’s over and I had nothing more than a 3 minute wait and he laughs and says, “Oh well, what did you expect?! You were voting with the ELITE!” Heh. Nice.

However, I will say they told me at my precinct that there was a 2 hour wait this morning. OK, forgive me, this is crude, but I told TGOO that I thought it was because all the retirees said, ‘Ok, I’ll get up, read my paper, drink my coffee, take my morning dump, then go vote before Tee Time.” It’s as if they have this morning checklist and they cannot waiver.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You got lucky. They moved me to a new precinct at a school and the line was out the door at 9:30 a.m. It took about 30 minutes to get in and vote. But that's a good thing, if people are finally getting off their duffs to go out and vote.
But for comparison, I drove by my old precinct at city hall and it was dead. I think the only cars were the precinct workers.' Oh well. -- George

P.S. - Isn't the Scripps mess going to be even farther west than you? And did you see they're planning a big development in Indiantown and billing it as "only" 35 minutes from the beach and airport? I need to buy concrete futures, they're trying to pave over the state.

11:15 AM  
Blogger Boudicca said...

Yeah, the Scripp's mess is going to be about 10 minutes West of me, although with new traffic it may be 30. *grin*

I didn't see that Indiantown 30 minute commute. What vehicle are they talking of... 30 minute airplane commute???

Did you see the daggum lines in Abacoa?! I was glad I don't like in such a populated area.

11:02 PM  

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