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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

A Good Idea in Theory

What was I thinking when I thought my boys should go with me to vote? They were so strung out on being out of school, they were like a bunch of damn puppies mauling each other. Hugging, picking each other up, playing leap frog. Thank God there was no wait. And Thank God I was prepared. I had filled out my practice ballot and had it memorized.

I walked up and BINK, it took me 1 minute max to vote and only that long because I checked to make sure I got it all. There were people around me slaving over their electronic ballot booths, acting like they hadn’t seen any of their candidates or hadn’t read any of the 6 State amendments on the ballot. It was like watching those who had studied for that Advanced Calculus final versus those that had not. I was in and out. Thankfully.

I think my boys didn’t care because 1) they had voted in school themselves, 2) they KNEW who I was voting for and 3) they were over the whole thing.

As we walk up to the precinct, there is a guy handing out some pamphlet on an amendment he wanted us to vote against. Son#3 says, “Hey! Is that John Kerry?” like he expected John Kerry or George Bush to make a guest appearance at our precinct. And then as we’re talking about amendments, Son#1 would say, “Is John Kerry for that or against that?” I had to explain that John Kerry doesn’t give a rat’s butt about what goes on in Florida other than taking the votes for President.


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