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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Shrimp for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

So where are we? Its 11:30 and I’m still kind of punchy. All the adrenaline I guess. But I can tell I’m tired, I just can’t sleep. It’s the wait. It’s raining. I need to get used to that.

It’s calmed down here. Everything is closing, I was in Publix…again (more on that) and hardly anyone was there as opposed to earlier where there weren’t any shopping carts.

Earlier in the day I had e-mailed Contagion saying, “I know I’m forgetting something!” Sure enough. I realized I had forgotten anything for us to eat over the next couple days! The boys are home from school, I have no luncheon meat as Thursday is pizza day at school. I had given NO thought to dinner for tonight or tomorrow, just focusing on what we would eat without power and protecting ourselves. I suddenly realize if I don’t get to Publix, we’re eating canned beanie weanies for dinner. Bleh. That’s hurricane food, not real food!

I decide to go through the freezer to figure out what needed to be dumped now. I found two Florida Lobster tails a friend had given us and we were saving for a special occasion. That day was today. Can’t let something as great as that go to waste. Then I found a bag of Gulf Coast Shrimp a friend of mine had brought down… her Mama had even taken the heads off for us! So then I knew we had dinner all set. Then I found two more bags of shrimp! (We eat a lot of shrimp.) Holy Cow! That won’t keep! To make matters worse, I thought I found a 3rd tail and after I defrosted the bag, we opened it and it was more daggum shrimp! Now my husband is laughing. Does this not remind me of my pantry Post? In my Pantry I have too much ketchup and Prego. In my freezer I have too much shrimp. So tomorrow for lunch, I will eat shrimp. For dinner, we’re having shrimp stir fry. And tonight of course, we had FL lobster tail and shrimp.

So I keep going to Publix, not for hurricane supplies, but for regular stuff… like milk. (And yes, Contagion, I did buy my dark chocolate. I am a very happy girl.) I’m very focused and organized on getting us through this hurricane situation; I just keep forgetting that we still have a day to day living situation. Bummer. I’ve got to stay away from that store. I keep bringing home more food I don’t need. We now have some lunchbox kit where you decorate your own cookies. The boys always ask for them and I always say, “Hell no! That’s nothing but chemicals!” (I saved it as a surprise for a day they are sick of eating spaghetti O’s or Chef Boyardee Ravioli.) I now have chocolate muffins we did not need. I bought more juice boxes than they will ever be able to drink along with some Sunny D stuff I’d never heard of. It’s like I’m in this mode, “Oh! Buy this! I might need it! We may actually starve to death and this is better than nothing!” As if anyone I know is going to let us starve. Please. My folks would drive down 9 hours and bring us food before we starved. For some reason that rationale leaves me every time I walk through those supermarket doors.

We’re hanging tight and a Big THANK YOU to all of those who have commented and e-mailed that we’re in your thoughts and prayers. Keep prayin’ for those folks in the Bahamas.


Blogger Contagion said...

Dark chocolate.. bleh! What you need is peanut butter cups, or reese's sticks or anything that mixes peanut butter with chocolate... MMMmmmm Moose Tracks Ice Cream...(drool)

You keep shopping like that, your family is going to pack on a combined 25 pounds over the weekend just from boredom eating all the food around the house.

7:10 AM  
Blogger Tammi said...

I'm on line!! Don't know how often I can do this, but I'm on!!

Packing on the pounds is exactly what I did with Charley. It's not looking good now either. We're planning a shopping spree and the food list is not good for the waist line. But then again, who cares.

Gotta add those peanut butter cups to the list.

9:23 AM  

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