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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Frances in West Palm Beach

You cannot find water on shelves. If your kids want Spaghetti Oh's for lunch, don't come down here searching for a can. It's gone. Frances may be 4 days out, but Palm Beach County is in full panic. We are prepared for lock down. People are starting to evacuate, although not in masses. That will start Thursday. I have a friend who will decide tomorrow if she'll buy plane tickets for her and her children to go to NY and stay with her parents. Where passivity may have been rule in the past, it is not a thought now.

In the kid's school today, I was there as they discussed their hurricane plan. My husband's business has their's in place. I finished the last of my supply shopping and hid it all in the garage from my kids. I've taken note of mongo sized work buckets in my garage that I can fill with water for flushing toilets and washing hands. (We're on well and pump. No electricity = no water.) I have plastic boxes for my wedding album and video, baby photos and albums, and family treasures.

On the radio this morning, the radio talking heads had a guy on from the hurricane center. It went something like this:

Radio people: So it looks like we might miss this one too! It looks like it's heading for Melbourne.

Hurricane guy: Noooooo. This hurricane will hit between the Keys and South Carolina.

Radio dopes: Oh but we saw the predictions....

Hurricane smart man: NOoooo. We do not want people to focus on the 'dot'. We don't know where this thing is going. It will hit between the Keys and South Carolina.

NOBODY I know is looking at the dot. If you go over to Gut Rumbles, half his commenters think it's going to nail them in Georgia. You talk to Tammi and she KNOWS she's taking a hit in Orlando. If you talk to me, I'm telling the whole lot of you are full of bunk because I'M the one about to get hammered. *grin* EVERYONE is taking this seriously... as we should.


Blogger Tammi said...

I can't get any of my posts to load, so I'm borrowing your comments.

Did you see where they've moved the strike date up a day? This morning they said Land on Saturday evening, Orlando Sunday. Now, they say Orlando Saturday Land Friday. Yikes!!!!

You can bet we're takin' it real serious up here. They never really restocked everything from Charley, so we're shit out of luck on supplies. I'm going to tape up the windows and hope for the best. I loaded the car with water when was up in Clermont, but even there they are worried.

Yeah, this baby is big. I only hope we are over reacting.....but somehow I don't think so.

9:44 PM  
Blogger Boudicca said...

That sucker is moving fast! That's why they moved it up. Bug and I were talking... big hurricanes that are moving fast just don't 'turn north'. I still think somewhere from Lauderdale to Melbourne.

9:49 PM  
Blogger Quality Weenie said...

Last night watching it they upgraded it to a Cat 4 Hurricane.

They also said it was starting to turn North just a little bit and will know a lot more after it hits the Bahama's. They said it could take a big bounce North from hitting the Bahama's.

Keeping a close eye on this as MIL lives in Myrtle Beach and if this thing does turn North she could get the brunt of it. I keep telling hubby to call MIL and make sure she is getting prepared and I think once we know more I am going to have him tell her to pack stuff up and head upto Maryland and have her stay with her brother.

7:19 AM  

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