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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Quote of the Day

From Bug today on the phone while discussing generators and where to get them, "Well, they may get more. We need to think about Lowes and Home Depot. Oh wait. I forgot, you hate Home Depot now." Yup. But it's NOT because the Flashlights and their lightbulbs and batteries belong in the lighting department, but due to an incident that happened today, that she heard me harp on.

I decided to call around for generators. I've realized we probably are just not going to have one, but if one comes available, I will purchase it. So I call Home Depot. I want you to keep in mind I am a VERY gracious person on the phone. I have excellent phone manners. This is our conversation:

Me: I apologize for bothering you, as I know you're so busy, but could you please tell me if you have any generators and if not, if you are expecting any more shipments?

HD unsatisfied employee who hates her job and all of humanity: No we got no generators and they din't tell me if we're getting mo. (There are no misspellings here. I wrote as I heard.)

I then decide to call Lowes which is 5 MINUTES away from HD. Conversation as follows:

Me: I apologize for bothering you, as I know you're so busy, but could you please tell me if you have any generators and if not, if you are expecting any more shipments?

Lowes: I am so sorry, but we are out. I do know we're getting another shipment, but they gave us no idea what time the shipment will be here. Could you call back tomorrow? We might have more information for you. Is there anything else I can help you with?

Guess where I am NEVER shopping again? N.E.V.E.R. HD has gotten its last dime from me.

Teresa of Technicalities has blogged on it. Laughing Wolf blogged on it TODAY. Tammi has talked how she teaches about it. Johnny Oh! talks about what its like to be on the other side. Customer Service.

I am a coureous customer. I waited tables through my freshman year in college and every summer thereafter until I graduated. I worked in retail selling clothes at Christmas as extra help. I know what its like to be against a rude customer. I find no excuse for boorish behaviour no matter how hungry you may be or how late you may be running. Rude is rude and inexcusable. When I was dating, I would stop dating a guy if he treated a waitress poorly.

On the flip side, I demand good customer service if the place of business wants my money. If they are good to me, I am incredibly loyal. I will remember everything about the establishment and recommend it to all my friends and shout it from the rooftops. If they treat me poorly, I will drive 30 minutes out of my way to do business with someone else.

I have story upon story of how I have ended up with my mechanics, doctors, bank, clothing stores, hair, nails, you name it... all of them were picked on reputation and customer service. All of them. Home Depot no more. I am a Lowes girl now.


Blogger Tammi said...

Welcome to the light. :-)

If only we had Menards. Well, at least the one by Mom's house ROCKS.

HD is too damn big for their britches. They stopped caring about the customer long time ago. Just wait. Lowes will kick their hineys up and down.

9:11 PM  
Blogger That 1 Guy said...

I HATE Montards, while many of my family swear by them. If I go to one of the big three, and it's very rare, Lowes is the one to hit. People have a personality there. :)

1:37 AM  
Blogger Contagion said...

I use either Home Depot or Menards. I refuse to buy anything from Lowes. Then again I don't know anyone that would shop from a store that accused them attempted retail theft, like they did to me.

I've never had a problem at Home Depot or Menards. But I know what Bou is talking about with customer service. I have a long list of places I wont ever shop in again or services I wont use because of the way I've been treated. There are 5 local restaurants I refuse to eat in because of piss poor service.

7:12 AM  
Blogger Anon said...

I am diggin' your site! Thought I'd post comment on this one because I too work in customer service (actually for a company that does sales in your neck of the woods! Kinda slow today!) Also, I have a close friend who calls me Boudicca. Wierd. I hope you survive well in the storm! Please feel free to check my site if you'd like
Caio! J

3:01 PM  

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