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Friday, August 06, 2004

Site Meter Data Geek

I’m a data geek, I can’t help it! Sitemeter is terrible for me. I go on there two or three times a day and flip through all this weird stuff. (located at the bottom of my blog, click on where it has visitors) I want to know how they found me or what country they live or at least from where they read.

Sitemeter tells you all this stuff like all my readers read in English. Good thing, eh? Nothing like trying to read English when you only read Latvian or vice versa, right Harvey?

They have cool pie charts and graphics. We numbers geeks like those things!

And for those of you non-bloggers, big brother is NOT watching. I have no clue where you live, what State you are from or who you are. I know what timezone you’re located, whether you read me in English, and sometimes I know from where you were referred. For instance, if you came to me from a link over at Harvey’s from my Boobie Post, then it will tell me Bad Example. That is all. Don’t know what color your hair is, how much you make a year, or if you’re married. I know nothing.

This time zone thing… I think it’s really cool. I can click on it and find out where most of my readers reside when reading. Most are CST or EST, which isn’t surprising. CST wins the race typically. Man, I just don’t know many people in the square states. Not many people from there connect to me. PST even beats them. Of course, I have a bro who lives in PST, so that is part of it! I think I got some hits from military people, which is why I got something listed as Bagdad/Moscow time. That is very cool to me. Everyone is always welcome, but military people hold a special place in my heart so if I write anything that makes them laugh or jars a fond memory, that makes me feel worthwhile.

I have a few in the European time zones… my English blog siblings (Sally and Alex) help account for that! I don’t know why, but to think that anyone across a vast ocean would want to read me just feels cool to me.

So what were my top search engine links this week? Boudicca of course! But other than that, Elmo’s underwear is still getting me some hits, Married Whore obviously from my whore neighbor story, and the joke Paint the Ceiling Beige got me a hit. That was my favorite joke in college.

Anyway, I just think the whole thing is fun… seeing how people get to me and from where they originate… as in time zone… not as in address. I swear, I don’t know where you live!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You do know where we live... You should make sure you let people know that so that they will tremble in the fear of leaving offensive breast related comments (Harvey!) and the like...

Ah for the days of stalking in relative anonimity. Must make a difficult life for the perverts out there... Harvey? :-p

Alex (trembling in fear)

8:02 AM  
Blogger Harvey said...

Alex - are you kidding? The internet is the best invention EVER! Why, I can hack into people's bedroom webcams, make videos out of it, sell them on eBay, and...


Don't know what you're talking about.

12:57 PM  
Blogger Sally said...

ROFL Harvey! When do we get a cut of the profits? I know a good lawyer you know...

Seriously, Bou, we feel the same way about you all!

1:45 PM  
Blogger Boudicca said...

Well right about now, I'm lovin' the fact I put Siter meter instead of Site meter. Dammit. Gotta update that tonight. Nothing says, "Big Dumb Dork" more than having a misspelling in the stupid title...

1:53 PM  
Blogger Tammi said...

I loved sitemeter - but since I moved over to Go Daddy I have Traffic facts - oh my goodness.

Still great charts and graphs but even more and better data - and I found out my hits were way off from what Site meter said. Da Goddess reminded me that site meter only counts those with cookies.

I can now update (but it's not live data. updates at midnight) and see how many people total, how many unique hits, how many pages, where they come from. I even have a page with the flags of the countries that have hit the site and how many hits from each country.


2:09 PM  

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