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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

I'm Singin' The First Day of School Blues!

Today was our first day of school. I hate when school starts. I prefer the summer. All these Moms bitch about summertime, being sick of their kids. Not me. Don’t get me wrong, my kids get on my nerves, I hate the fighting that comes with people spending too much time with each other, but that’s where it stops. Summer is fun. We sleep until 8, they eat Bunny Poop for breakfast every morning if they want… I don’t worry about protein. We go to the pool every day. It’s just laid back and easy.

Being a parent and doing it right is a lot of frickin’ work. I wouldn't trade it, but it is also a lot of worry. My husband and I are up by 6:15, getting ourselves ready, then he wakes up the kids as I make lunches. He starts their breakfast while I pack their backpacks. Breakfast during school is a pain. It has to have protein and be enough to carry them through to snack or lunch. There’s no perpetual grazing at school! Once they’re home, it’s talking about their days, getting homework finished, dealing with social issues from school, carpooling for soccer, Karate, boy scouts, making dinner and ensuring everyone is ready for school the next day (which translates to, “Mom! Did you wash our PE uniforms?”). It is a circus here. It’s a lot of work to be a good parent and sometimes the indicators of whether you are doing anything right or not are not so obvious.

But...every now and then… It is the first week, so everyone was up bright and early and excited. I’m in the kitchen starting their lunch boxes, and I pop into Son#3’s room. Today was his first day of kindergarten. Kindergarteners are so cute. They are small and naïve and still sweet. When I walk in, I see Son#2, helping him button his shirt and buckle his pants; getting him all spiffed up and showing him how it’s all done. When Son#3 wasn’t within earshot, Son#2 looked at me, beaming and said, “Isn’t he so cute?!” I was so proud! And to think, minutes later, they were beating the ever living snot out of each other. Hmm.

We got lucky. Every teacher I wanted them to have, they got, no interference or requests on my part. There aren’t enough men that teach at the elementary level. Boys need more male role models. My Mom and I were discussing that today. Son#1 got the Man Teacher he wanted. Of course he only wanted him because Man Teacher serves popcorn on Fridays, but hey, it’s all about priorities when you’re 9. Seriously though, I wish more men would become elementary school teachers. So many kids don’t have good males to look up to and those that do, could always use more.

Son#2 has some twin bullies that have been harassing him since kindergarten. There is a policy at our school that twins are ALWAYS separated, so year after year, he gets one of these dysfunctional twerps in his class. (And before anyone gets any ideas, yes, I have been taking care of this and was about to up it a notch this year.) I had heard they weren’t coming back, they were struggling in school, but then last week I heard they were. That caused great strife in this house and it was time for me to take it to the top as well as show Son#2 some real life applications in Karate on how to take one of these beast boys down. Then I found out today that both boys are in the same class… not Son#2s, some exception was made to the rule, so it was a very good day.

And of course, for Son#3, how can the first day of kindergarten be bad when you’ve known these teachers your entire life and they’ve been waiting for you for five years? It’s like walking into family.

Great day of school. And no, I will not be blogging on school crap every day. Today was just special.

BTW, difference between boys and girls. My boys can’t tell me who’s in their class. It is irrelevant information other than enemies and buddies. If I had a girl, they would know everyone in their class and how they were wearing their hair.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

School - Mmmmmmm. Not for me of course as I hardly went (explains a lot I suppose) but that Star is going to go mornings in 2 weeks time and then from January full-time! Blues? Nope! Overwhelming feeling of joy and contentment? You Bet!

I can understand the blues thing with some people but lets face it, they need a handle on reality. It is at school they learn their social interaction skills, at school where they learn about how things work, at school they learn how to hock a booger better than ever before...

Alex (squirming for joy)

3:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man you are so much more energetic than I was when my kids were small. I am NOT a morning person. At 4th grade I made my kids put together their own lunches - LOL. I wasn't going to be making them lunch when they were perfectly capable of learning to do it themselves. I had friends who did lunches for their kids all through High School! They would moan about how the kids didn't appreciate their hard work... and nearly fell over when I suggested the kid could do it themselves... then nearly tripped over their tongues telling me why THEY had to do it - Oh man it was funny!

The choice was either the night before and put it in the frig - or get up early. They mostly always chose the night before, then young son decided he like buying lunch at school better. Well, I'm pretty sure he never ate any of the food I sent when he was younger - he traded for stuff he wanted (can't remember who told me that one *snork*). But since he didn't like going hungry, I didn't worry about him not eating at all.

Sorry about the bullies... *sigh* we were very lucky in that neither of the kids was ever bullied (at least that I know of). It's very difficult to deal with, I'm glad they've been moved out of your son's class.

And the girl thing... You WAY underestimate the amount of info a girl will bring home... LOL.

-- Teresa

8:59 AM  
Blogger Graumagus said...

Yeah, I'm not looking forward to the school year either.
Here's my daily schedule:
1)Get home from work around 2:30 am
2)Pass out
3)Wife gets me up around 5:30 am before she heads for work
4)After waking up (kinda) get the elderspawn up, dressed, and fed and hope like hell he doesn't wake up the youngerspawn.
5) Get youngerspawn up and fed after elderspawn invariably can't keep noise down below 105 decibles.
6) Make sure elderspawn has all his books etc. then kick him out the door to go to the bus stop with the horde of other kids (or, if the weather is crap, wrangle younger and elderspawn into the car and drive him down to the end of the block where the bus picks them up)
7) Pray the youngerspawn takes a nice long nap so I can as well
8) Blog for a few hours in semi-dazed state when that doesn't happen
9) Get ready for work, do the half hour commute, work ten hours, then the half hour drive home.
10) Repeat.

11:53 AM  
Blogger Boudicca said...

I'm about to do the 'put your own lunch together' thing with my eldest. He is 9. That's when I started making my own lunch. I am not a morning person! I do all this with my eyes half shut.

And Grau... yeah, I'm lovin' my life! That third shift stuff sucks.

2:56 PM  

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