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Monday, August 09, 2004

Wait Until He REALLY Understands... Then He Won't Want ANY!

Son#2, age 7, has a thing about the girls. He loves them. Always has. Strange for me since Son#1 still hates them at age 9, the whole cootie icky thing. Not Son#2. He has a lot of girlfriends and sometimes he is the only boy invited to the girl’s birthday parties. He confessed to his dad once that he likes girls, unlike his older brother, because he likes how they smell. Yeah, I’m just a little worried. And to make it worse, he is very very cute. He really is. And the girls LOVE to cuddle with him and smooch on him. Let me rephrase that, women, little girls, teenage girls… all girls love to hug on him and smooch him.

He has a thing for Cameron Diaz. Son#3 refers to CD as “Son#2’s Hot Chick”. Did I say that Son#3 is only 5? And we’re already talking about Hot Chicks? Yeah, I’m just a little worried.

The little girl next door (the only girl Son#1 will have anything to do with, she’s a Tomboy and the same age) came over today with her little sister and they were playing. Cameron Diax was on TV and Son#3 was making the Hot Chick statement. Son#2 says, “I want a wife for every day of the week.” Wha? Who in the hell would want that many women involved in their lives? Good God. Not even I would want to be around that many women. Half the time I hate being around myself! Geez. So I replied, “You can’t do that. It’s called polygamy. You can only have one wife.” Do you think that stops the conversation? NOOOOOOooo! We’re talking about the House of Boudicca here.

Says Son#2, “Well, what if she dies?”
Me: “Yeah, you can remarry if she dies.”
Son#1, “What if you get divorced?”
Me: “Yup, you can get remarried if you get divorced, but you may not want to.”
Son#2, “If I were a King, I could have as many wives as I want.”

Has this kid been watching Middle East coverage on the News?


Blogger Contagion said...

Son #2 has either learned well ( aka a natural or no offense to Harvey since I really don't know him well enough to slam him, yet that won't stop me, a dutiful blog grandchild) or he has had some masterful tutelage(sp). Althought I don't think Cameron Diaz is hot, I wouldn't say no if she asked and my wife was involved!

9:54 PM  
Blogger That 1 Guy said...

(snicker) All I can say is, "Keep him away from Utah!"

9:58 PM  
Blogger Harvey said...

Contagion - piffle! You couldn't slam me on the slammingest day of your life if you had an electrified slamming machine [with apologies to the Simpsons]

Anyway, he didn't get this from me. I know DARN well that the maintenance costs on multiple wives would far outweigh their utility as pleasure delivery vehicles.

It's like owning multiple houses - you can only live in one at a time, but you have to do upkeep on ALL of them.

No. Thank. You.

10:13 AM  
Blogger Boudicca said...

Pleasure Delivery Vehicle. Hmm. Wow, I just had never thought of myself that way. Referee? Check. Maid? Check. Cook? Check. Chauffeur? Check. Pleasure Delivery Vehicle? Must be so... must check on that! :)

9:53 PM  

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