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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Dollars and Cents

My husband is very much into cars and gets all the magazines and takes the kids to the race track when he can. He’s not into NASCAR. Don’t know why. But he likes regular street cars that can go fast. Because he knows so much about cars and because we live in Palm Beach County, where there are uber rich kajillionaires who drive these cars worth more than my damn house, we see everything and he points it all out to the boys, including how fast they can go, etc. My kids can identify many sports cars at this point. They get better by the day. I, on the other hand, am not into cars at all. I consider them to be functional tools and I want reliability and fuel efficiency... all else means squat to me.

It was just Son#3 and I in the van. He asked me if you get paid to work at Publix. I said yes. He got quiet then said, “When I get big, I’m going to work at Publix and buy a Ferrari”.
I said, “You don’t make enough money if you work at Publix to buy a Ferrari.”
He replied, “Yes you do! They give you money. Then I’ll buy one.”
I kept telling him that they don’t make enough, he didn’t get it, then I thought “Forget it, he’s 5, not worth this aggravation” and I let it drop.

An hour later the two older boys are in the car. Son#3 informs them that when he gets big that he’s going to work at Publix and buy himself a Ferrari. Son#2 says, “You can’t do that! They don’t pay enough and Ferrari’s are really expensive!”
Son#3 said, “Well how much are they?
Son#2, very matter of factly says, “More than you can make at Publix. Probably something like 3000 dollars.”
My eyebrows are raised and I’m laughing inside since Son#2 thinks he knows it all, when Son#1 chimes in, “No way. They cost a lot more than that! You don’t know. They cost at least $50,000!”

I just shook my head at all this. This car thing. It starts so young. But I think its the whole skewed idea of how much something costs… the lack of concept of money, that makes me laugh. Hey, I hope Son#3 becomes so monetarily successful that he can buy one if that’s what he wants, but I hope I make my mark by instilling in him that if he were to ever become of the uber wealthy, that he remember those less fortunate and if he wants to buy a Ferrari with his money, that is fine… as long as he gives back to society… voluntarily, where he sees fit, the government not being involved, in equal or greater amounts. It’s all about balance.


Blogger Sally said...

Kids are so sweet about money. A colleague of mine got a new car. Not wildly expensive, but shiny, red and better than those kids were used to seeing. "That's Mrs Holt's Ferrari", I was told.If only teacher's salaries were in line with children's expectations...

4:51 AM  
Blogger Harvey said...

Buy him a Matchbox Ferrari.

Just something to keep the dream alive until he gets that job at Publix :-)

Like me & my two Matchbox Corvettes...

10:38 AM  

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