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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Thru the Looking Glass

I am adding a new link today. "Thru the Looking Glass" is my blog brother _Jon's other blog. (His other blog is We Swear.) _Jon lost his fiancee, Julie, on January 27 to cancer. As his blog states, "This is the tale of Julie's last year and the effect it has had on the people around her. "

Starting on 1 August, _Jon started posting on the daily experience they had exactly one year ago that day. I've been reading it and e-mailed him, asking him if I could put a link on my blog, so I could just link over from here as opposed to going to We Swear and linking over or typing it in manually every time. I told him I would say nothing to anyone, as I view this as a catharsis for him. I would just put it there and use it. His response to me was that the more people that read it, the more people it helps and he talks about it openly. I think it is a very healthy attitude.

So with that, I am adding, Thru the Looking Glass. It is tough to read and there are times I cannot, but every day I try. My thoughts are with you every day, _Jon.


Blogger Tammi said...

I've been stopping over there for a while now also. Never leave a comment, actually went in from my bookmark. It felt like a private place, that's why I never mentioned it either. In fact, it was not until recently I realized they were one and the same person.

I'm glad you are linking to it. I'll add to my roll also. My heart breaks for him, a loss like that is beyond words.

9:07 PM  
Blogger Boudicca said...

I NEVER comment there either. I just read. I really wasn't going to post on it, just put it on my roll with his permission. It never occured to me that he would be so thoughtful to think of others it would help. I know damn well I'm not that good of a person.

Damn, my heart aches for him.

9:10 PM  
Blogger Sally said...

WOW! Me too! I think _Jon once said it's not worksafe, and needs a "Kleenex alert". Alex always knows which site I'm reading when he finds me sitting there with tears rolling down my face. It's so incredibly powerful. Thanks for letting us know Julie, _Jon.

4:33 AM  
Blogger _Jon said...

Thank you, my Sisters. :hug: :hug: :hug:

I had some *really* detailed posts written about this week, but I couldn't post them. The message got lost in the details. We went through some horrible stuff.

I've learned a lot. My Love's family reads the site, including her daughter (my daughter now - not legally, but heart-wise), who I see every weekend.

I've found I have to temper what I say because of my audience. For example, I'm still packing My Love's things here at my house. Julie moved in with me a few years ago, but her things belong to her daughter (IMO). So I'm packing them and storing them in Julie's mom's basement. I'm sure I'll post about it sometime, as it's tearing me apart here. But it will hurt them more, so I'm hesitant.

My long-term vision for My Love's site is to post things that are beautiful, thoughtful, and fun. Yeah, like My Love.

I plan to save the anger and hate for We Swear.

(No, I'm a Virgo - but I have a Gemini rising.)

Thanks again.

5:51 PM  

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