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Friday, July 23, 2004

Links to Blogfathers And Beth

I know I state this all the time, but if Grau and Harv look at their sitemeters, they'll see I'm all over them constantly.  I just love reading their stuff.  I don't always call it up here because most of you read their stuff too... they helped create this outlet for me and in turn some of their readers, who are truly wonderful folks, have been good enough to stop by and read me.  OK, enough mushy stuff.

Grau:  I pick his Post on Africa as my link over there this week.  It's a serious post on the AIDS issues.  He's up to over comment 18 over there, although some of the last few don't count because we're wondering of Grau's demise since he has not posted in the last day, but That1Guy has assured us he is just having phone problems. He's on dial up.  Anyway, it's pretty heated and even MY sword came out, as Harvey puts it.  Mental note to self, "It is OK to hold back sometimes..." 

Harvey:  Well, I was going over to link to THIS, but then found THIS... and then there were two. As in links.  OK, I loved Harvey's bumper sticker Post.  Everyone seemed to have a different favorite, but of course since I always have sex on the brain, my favorite was "My tremendous Bush hatred compensates for my tiny penis."   They are funny. THEN,  I found his new Evil Glenn Filthy Lie Post on Glenn's Law and cracked up.  There are a lot of funny parts... the pengosexual thing had me laugh out loud.  I don't know why... probably because it's such an absurd word.

Lastly, when I started reading blogs, I read blogs only written by men.  I didn't have any exposure to women because I just happened to be on Grau's then hopped over to Harvey's and then to John's and through John I linked over to his wife, Beth... my first exposure to a female blogger and I truly love her blog.   She is the female blogger I look up to.  So you can only imagine how I felt when I logged onto her blog tonight and saw that if she were going to have a party of her favorite people in the blogosphere (women only) and my name was there... touched really doesn't do it.  It was just a damn nice warm and fuzzy choked up feeling.  And I read through her list and I saw names of people I read every day,  and some I don't and this weekend I will be adding these other women to my blogroll as they must be worthy because Beth said so.  That is all it took.

So Beth, thank you. 



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Party? Will there be ALCOHOL there? You know I'll always be your friend...

The Munchkin

6:53 AM  
Blogger That 1 Guy said...

LMAO!! I was just stopping in to say "congrats" on making Beth's list, but the first comment turned your post into comedy! You should post a coffee alert.

10:19 AM  
Blogger Tammi said...

I wasn't surprised to see you on the list Bou. (afterall we did spend some quality time together at Madfish's. I'd party with you any day!) You're site is fantastic and has become a must read for me a couple times a day.

My bloglife is very similar to yours, except for I started with only Military Blogs, before moving into civilian life. My first female blog was Teresa's. I still remember when Matt announced she had her own site - I couldn't wait to click over.

I love the variety out there now. I was just thinking last night what a great blogroll I have. Each and every site on there has become someplace I can't wait to visit. I'm so glad I found yours!!!!

10:59 AM  
Blogger Sally said...

Congratulations Sis! Couldn't resist The Munchkin thing...

1:09 PM  
Blogger Boudicca said...

Sally- I knew it was either you or Alex who wrote that! ROFLMAO! That was a definite drink alert moment! I am really hoping people have read your munchkin stories because they are priceless. Scary too... but very funny!

Tammi- Seriously, thank you. Other than Beth, you, Teresa and Pam were my female blogrole. If you were a part of the Bad Example family, I started to read you. And I jump on your blog many times a day! I'm still trying to figure out the silliest thing I've ever done. Silly=Dumb in my life!

1:36 PM  

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