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Friday, July 23, 2004

Movies, Relationships, and Stuff

There are a couple new movies out that I want to see.  One is the Bourne Supremacy.  I love Robert Ludlum's books and have thought about going back and rereading from the beginning as I can't remember what book I left off with, it has been so long.  I wasn't that impressed with the Bourne Identity the movie, but it was a decent ride and I figure this one will be too. 

However, I really want to see Catwoman.  I know, it sounds like a shallow movie, but I love Halle Berry (and Benjamin Bratt is always good eye candy).  If I were to pick any woman I could look like, but still be me as a person, I would pick her.  She to me is the epitome of buff and sculpted, yet still very feminine.  Whenever I worry in the back of my mind that I will one day look bulky with the lifting I do, I look at Halle and realize that most women really do not get naturally bulky.  (I strength train to combat osteoporosis.)  Anyway, I would rather be me than her.  Does she have the worst possible luck in how she picks men or what?  Every guy I have ever had a serious relationship with was a genuinely good guy.  We always broke up because it was bad timing or we just got on each other's nerves.  It was never that he was abusive or a complete creep.  Never.  I can honestly say, I never dated an abusive, disrespectful jerk.  Call it luck if you may, but I actually think it is a combination of luck as well as the role models my parents set before me, that and the fact I never tolerated any type of abuse... from anyone... ever.  Boy, that chicky girl Halle has made just some flat out bad choices.  I also think that the ability to find a good mate suited to you is a very important thing and for that reason alone, I would never trade places with her. I'd rather look like the mousy brown haired Mommish me than the beautiful lithe and wonderfully feminine Halle Berry if that meant I was to be perpetually in relationship hell.

Unfortunately, this week I don't have a sitter so I won't be seeing either of these movies.  My sitter this summer is the older brother of my regular sitter, who is now enormously popular with a couple other families, so she is rarely obtainable.  However, her older brother is the sweetest boy, just graduated from college, and is trying out for some professional football team this week (not NFL).  These kids are originally from Wisconsin, transplanting here just a few years ago. (What is it with all these incredible Wisconsin people I keep meeting?)  The boy/man is huge and he loves my kids.  Of course, my kids can't get enough of him.  He takes them out to toss eggs (girl sitters don't think of these things' Moms don't think of these things) and carries all three of them around like they're just a small sack of potatoes.  They love to sit on his shoulders because he is 6'5" and they think they can see the world from up there.  (Their Dad is 5'6 and I'm 5'2, so it probably does look much different from his shoulders!)  Cracks me up.  So he is gone and we're doing the family thing, but next week I'm hoping to catch one of these two flicks.


Blogger littlejoe said...

As far as Halle Berry, and her relationship choices go, it seems she suffers fromthe same malady a ton of women do. They want the bad boy, until he is really bad. I mean sure, it's fun to date a guy (or girl for that matter) who likes to do risky stuff. It's fun to date someone who is on the edge of being dangerous. But you have to realize at some point that all that edginess, and risk comes at a price. That price being safety, security, and usually fidelity. ( Oh how I know all about that, from both sides. )

Now, as far as your baby sitter goes, I can relate to him, I have been refferred to as a "jungle joe" because children like to climb on me like a piece of playground equipment. Since I love kids, and it shows, they usually love to have me watching them. Besides, in what other situation can I act like my true immature, stupid self, and be accepted as easily as that.

9:37 PM  
Blogger That 1 Guy said...

Haven't read too many Ludlum works. I do know that I liked the Bourne Identity as a movie, but that the few who read Ludlum that I talked to, assured me that the book is(as almost always), much better.

Halle Berry: hot, and not. When a woman seems bent on selecting losers(sorry, bad boys), that takes a hell of alot away from any appeal they may have. I must say, I have kinda liked her, but then she went topless. I think now that I have nothing to imagine, it takes a little away from any desire I might have had.

As for the sitter, I, too, can identify. I am like a kid climbing post! And, of course, I love it. I'm not a giant, being only 6'1, but I hold out my arms, and I seem to have kids all over me at family functions. My cousin's kids love to walk up me to gain access to my shoulders! Fun!

1:53 AM  
Blogger Tammi said...

Ok - as usual I have 2 cents to chime in here. As to why Halle Berry has such bad luck with men? She doesn't learn from her mistakes. Simple as that.

I like strong men. Emotionally and mentally strong. I have opinions and am pretty hard headed, so I don't want someone I can push around. Unfortunatly both good strong caring men and bad boys have those qualities. When you are meeting someone and they are protective and will discuss things with you at first that comes across as strength, it's only later that the "bad boy" comes out. Sometimes it's a bit too late.

So how do I fix that? I don't date much. I'm picky. I get to know someone well before I jump into a relationship.

Sorry Bou. Went off on a tangent.

Enjoy that family time!!!!

11:08 AM  
Blogger Boudicca said...

Tammi- that wasn't a tangent. That's stuff we like to hear! Conversation stuff.

I think that is the part that was luck with me. I like strong men, but I got lucky in that I never got the one with the bad boy streak. Part of it could be that bad boys just were never attracted to me, a blessing. And I have absolutely never been attracted to bad boys. So the minute that shown out, I would be history. I am not a big risk taker, perhaps boring, not a living on the edge kinda gal. Although I do love roller coasters. I just always went after men that were: smart, funny, stable, could go toe to toe with me, and I was physically attracted to. Physical attraction is nearly a shoe in if he is smart and funny. Intelligence and humor are big aphrodesiacs in my book. Oh and nice forearms, hands and a broad chest don't hurt! :) Well, just damn, I just love men.

1:44 PM  

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