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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I'm a Moron... Part II

OK, before I continue with yesterday’s post… yes there was more… I will tell you that I passed the corporate communications part of my company compliance training. (I don't know who developed our software, but I gather national requirments for this are the same everywhere.) I hated every minute of it and still didn’t get 100%, but that’s because they have me all freaked out about anti-trust, corporate monopolies, and a range of other crap, so I still put I’d 'seek counsel' once when they said I didn’t need to.

Anyway… more from yesterday.

In an absolute self loathing snit, I called one of my good friends that works for the same company I work for now, and who also worked with me at my old company. He’s known me for about… 17 years I guess. The way back years… So, I get in my car, going to pick up the kids and I ring him at the office and it went something like this:

Me: Have you taken that frickin’ compliance training?
Him: Yeahhhhhh, pretty dry stuff. Six of the 10 modules.
Me: Did you pass all it all?
Him: (silence) Yessss…
Me: I f---ing failed one. Can you f---ing believe it? I failed the f---ing corporate communication.
Him: Really?
Me: yes. I don’t belong working anymore. I should just go back home and do what I was doing before. The computer system password system is whacking me out and I can’t pass the f---ing compliance test. This sucks. I suck. I hate this. I shouldn’t be working.
Him: (silence… again) Ummm, we aren’t prone to over reacting much, are we?


While on the phone with my sister, it went something like this:

Morrigan: did you print out the answers?
Me: What?
Morrigan: Did you print out the answers after you failed it. You know, hit print.
Me: NO! Why would I do that?
Morrigan: Beeeeeecaaaausssse, it will be the same questions next time you take it.
Me: (quiet for a minute) Are you serious? It’s not some random generated question thing where they’ll now give me 20 new legal questions?
Morrigan: No. Next time print them out.

Can you believe it?

So I take the test today and I’m talking to Mr. Magoo (remember, I have that co-worker that looks like him) and he says, “Damn test. I failed that one 3 times. You know what the problem is? We don’t give a crap about that stuff. All that legal mumbo jumbo. What a bunch of crap. I finally figured it out… print out the answers… so when you take it the next time, they just reorder them, throw in a few extra and you’ll pass.”

Now I know.

I took the Sexual Harassment part and passed. I missed one. It was on whether someone gets fired immediately if they flagrantly harass someone and I said that no, they got a warning. I guess not always. I didn’t think it through. Just because it seemed like at my old company someone could get molested in the hallways and nothing would happen, doesn’t mean that’s the norm. Anyway, I’ve been the victim of some pretty nasty harassment and what they say to do and what you have the guts to do are two different things… especially when your boss is harassing you and he’s best buddies with your Manager… who is the company golden boy. Brought back lots of bad bad memories, but one of the scenarios reinforced that I handled it the best way for me. They shouldn’t make blanket statements on what you SHOULD do. They can recommend, but that is all.


Anonymous Teresa said...

I would get stuff wrong because I over analyze words. Like, what do they mean by "flagrant".

But for this sort of test, you have to divorce yourself from reality. What "really" happens doesn't matter... what did they print for you to learn? That's the only answer they want. It's a royal pain.

I can't believe blogspot let me get here... it's been keeping me out for days - I was getting a complex.

10:15 PM  
Blogger _Jon said...

Yeah, those tests are mostly; "Regurgitate what we present from the previous lesson."

Oh, and did you swear this much in your blog before you met me?

10:52 PM  
Blogger Boudicca said...

_Jon... yup. You just didn't ever read... ;)

10:56 PM  
Blogger Boudicca said...


Trust me, I am trying to move off blogger... I'm strapped for time this next two weeks.

10:57 PM  
Blogger Tammi said...

Yeah!! I knew you could do it....and I'll tell you, I'd probably flunked the sexual harassment test.....I'm not known for being politically correct. :-)

11:23 PM  
Blogger Contagion said...

I over analyze the questions as well. The sexual harassment one is fun, I came to the conclusion years ago that the only way to safely work with women is to: a) only look them in the eye when talking to them, even if they try to direct your attention to something else b)Do not say anything with out thinking it through completely and throroughly. I pretend I'm talking to my elderly grandmother. c)Do not interact with them in a social setting outside of work. Even if it is a work related function, like an office party. d) Never, ever say anything that can possibly, remotely be taken in the wrong context. Hence I try not to speak to them at work.

8:27 AM  

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