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Monday, February 28, 2005

I Want What He's Having...

So Eric at Straight White Guy posted THIS yesterday. I think it may not be deemed worksafe… or rather… there are no pictures, but I’d hate for the boss to walk up behind you while you’re reading it. Wow. The title is “From a Dream…”

Good Lord.

Now folks, whether it is from one dream, a conglomeration of many dreams, or a conglomeration of many dreams with a little fiction thrown in is COMPLETELY irrelevant, because… I don’t dream like this, unfortunately. Let me tell you about last night’s dream… and this is 100% real.

I dreamt last night that the mob was after my husband and also me and it had to do with his car. They were bound and determined that he would not only NOT rebuild his car, but they would take him out and me along the way. They went to every shop where any remnants of his car were being held and blew the place up. It was vivid enough of a dream that I remember being on the phone talking to Mary, our sports car mechanic, and she was saying how her entire garage got blown up… the bomb was placed in his engine. From there, after blowing up the body shop, all the places that sold parts we needed… they came after us…

But see… this is the kicker. My husband had no clue. Only I knew and I knew they were coming to either blow me up or kill me execution style… So I was scrambling to get hold of my husband and get us all hidden until we could plan our next move.

Lovely, huh? All my dreams consist of things such as: I am under water and have a choice, I can come up for air and get exposed to nuclear fallout and die or drown OR something along the lines of the above dream…. The whole chase running for my life scenario. OK, maybe not all of them, but it is safe to say it’s 80-90% of them.

Freud would have a frickin’ field day. Hell, there are some days *I* have a frickin’ field day.

But as I told Tammi today, if I don’t write my dreams down within 48 hours, they’re gone. I can only remember themes and feelings, usually horrifying.

I feel certain if I took a conglomeration of my dreams it would be along the lines of a Mafioso boss coming after me and shooting at me as I fell off a bridge in my husband’s car, landing in the water and not being able to escape, but somehow instead of worrying about dying, I am worried about the fact I had a final exam coming up in a class I forgot to attend all semester long.

Yeah, the school dreams still haunt me. That makes up the other 10-20%... having taken the place of my childhood dream of having gone to school and forgotten to wear underwear while wearing a skirt.

So… what I want to know is… this difference between Eric's and my dreams… if it dietary in nature, as in diet makes your dreams, I will GLADLY change my diet. Yup Yup. I want what he’s having!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

.. sorry, Bou.. it just sorta rolled out...

9:34 PM  
Blogger songstress7 said...

I don't know what Eric's been eating, but I had spinach dip and boneless buffalo wings for dinner the night I dreamed this about Frank J. and SarahK.

Maybe that helps? ;)

12:16 AM  
Anonymous Harvey said...

If you want what Eric is having, wouldn't that make you, technically, a... well... you know... one of them softball-playin' women who wears flannel shirts & comfortable shoes? ;-)

7:19 AM  
Blogger VW said...

Definitely would like to have what Eric's having for dreams. Remind me sometime to tell you about my re-occurring dream. It's horrible.

7:46 AM  
Blogger _Jon said...

Ahh, the good ol' meanings of dreams...

I've written about them over at Julie's blog. She had a friend that used to interpret them. As I have.

Having the analytical mind, your's are about "to do lists" and "check lists" and "things that must get done". Lest the bad consequences that will (so you believe) occur if you don't do them.

You know how important the car is to your husband, and you can sense that there will be problems getting it back into shape. At some point, it will seem like the entire world is aginst you in getting it done. All the while, he's just gliding along humming to himself.

The "hitmen" in your dreams represent the "consequences" of not completing your "to do list". You falsely believe that if you aren't perfect, then your life will fall apart - which to you would be the same as dying. But I point to an ealier post of yours about the mom who didn't get the right clothes for her kids' pictures early. The boogeyman didn't come for her. Life went on. There's the lesson for you.

You keep only one side of your brain engaged, and so it stays when you rest. If you like how things are in your life, stay as you are. If you want different, get a creative hobby. Learn to paint or create, e.g. pottery.. Stay away from music, as what you would learn would be very structured, only keeping you on the same path.

The big element here is that even if you don't get everything done, nothing horrible is going to happen. Some things take time. Some check lists do not get completed.

10:31 AM  
Blogger Boudicca said...

Songstress7, I keep hearing in my mind... "You MIGHT be a blogger if... you dream of other bloggers!"

Harvey... no no no, my friend, I would want to be the chick in the trenchcoat.

I agree with the car thing, _Jon, but I'm not sure about the hitmen and the consequences. The thing with the crappy Mom at the pictures... it was not the fact she hadn't bothered to buy her kid's outfit that irritated me, but that she was so UNINVOLVED with their lives tha she didn't even know their teacher's names. Consequences there... most definitely... but only time will show them.

I quilt... but all the other stuff does not interest me. Painting, pottery, etc... no thanks. I'd rather punch the bag or pick up another instrument.

I'm pretty content with who I am. I have no desires to change.

10:23 PM  

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