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Monday, February 21, 2005

You say 'Car', I say 'Clifford'

I was out and about yesterday when I noticed an SUV I hadn’t really paid attention to before. It was an FX35. Red. It looked like the head of Clifford the Big Red Dog.

I called my husband from my cell, my husband is THE car guy… he knows every car that has been out there, is out there now, or is prototyped, and said, “Who makes this FX 35?”

Husband: Infiniti. I think it’s a sharp looking SUV.

Me: Oh, I see one here. It’s red. It looks like the head of Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Husband: Well… I wouldn’t get it in red.

Me: Good. It has a big nose.

I’ve never been a car kinda gal. Cars are a functional tool for me. They get me from Point A to Point B and the higher the gas mileage and the bigger the herd of kids I can fit into it the better. I’ve never needed flash although I often tell people if money was no issue, the Lexus convertible looks like it would be fun to drive. Can’t fit car seats in the back of one of those suckers. And yes, my ego did take a bit of a hit when I started to drive my mini-van… nothing screams Asexual Mom more than a damn mini-van. Honestly… I’d rather drive a truck. A pick up truck to be exact. But that’s just me.

He’s always known this. This is something we don’t understand about each other… although it is not an issue. He carries on about the new sports car so-and-so is making and I listen, but don’t file any of the data away. I can honestly say my eyes have never glazed over. I’d personally rather learn how to tear one apart, rebuild an engine, than get into driving any of the cars he talks about. But… that’s just me.

One of the favorite stories highlighting our differences in vehicles happened about 12 years ago. We were at a convention for his profession in Orlando. A bunch of us were going out to dinner and sitting in the parking lot was some new fangled BMW 850ci with some woman just sitting in the driver’s seat.

My husband says, “So what do you think of THAT car?” To which I replied, “What is that? A Saturn?” Dumbfounded he laughed out loud and said, “NO! Babe! That is NOT a Saturn. That’s a BMW 850ci. It goes…” and on and on he went on speed and specs. Finally he said, “Man. I wonder what that woman would think if she knew that someone mistook her $60,000+ vehicle for a Saturn. Geez.”

Heh. And just to let you know what an impression this story made upon him… I can never remember what kind of car it was that I mistook for a Saturn, only remembering it was a BMW. As I was writing this post, I walked into the family room and said, “Hunhead, what was the name of the car I mistook for a Saturn” and without EVEN TURNING from the TV he says, “BMW 850ci”.


Blogger Sally said...

We've gone through a lot of duel-controlled cars for the business in the last year. I've paid no attention at all. The only one I noticed was the "silver one with the smiley face". I think it was a Polo.

The family car is a BMW, and it's dark blue. That's all I know about it.

7:12 AM  
Blogger Quality Weenie said...

*shaking head*

tisk, tisk, tisk

Now if you lived in Michigan you could keep up with your husband cause well there is no getting out of not knowing about cars in Michigan. Boys and Girls alike are trained early on the intricate value of cars.

While I don't know engine specs all that well I can rip apart the quality of any vehicle in less than 10 seconds. Most people hate me getting into their cars because I sit and point out defects.

8:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ever notice how a lot of guys describe their friends by the car they drive? "You know Tom, he drives a red Ford Pinata...."

But I'm with you Bou, all cars look the same to me. My biggest factor when choosing one is interior size. I'm 6-foot-4, 280 pounds and need elbow and head room. I once had to drive a friend's little sports car home. Glad it was a convertible, I was looking OVER the windshield, not through it, as we went down I-95.
-- George

11:02 AM  
Blogger _Jon said...

Oh, I'm quite a gear head.
If we had more time, your man and I would have spent hours going over specs and such.

- days mebbe

1:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how bad I think those Infiniti's look. To me they look like those old high top tennis shoes... the old ones from the 60's. I don't know why, but they do.

About the first thing I'm going to do when my husband's job is settled is get rid of my mini-van. I've driven "mom" cars for way too long. I want a real car, one I can have fun driving. I'll get one soon, I hope!
-- Teresa

3:50 PM  

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