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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Hopefully Last Political/Election Post

First, let me just say that this morning when I awoke, I was very glad I didn't live in Ohio. Been there. Done that. Wasn't fun.

Second, Son#1 woke up this morning and immediately turned on the news. He is now very well versed in the Electoral College and I think it's cool. We discussed the pro's and con's and why I think it should stay as is... and I think he may know more than the Average American now. It was just cool to have a kid old enough I could actually talk politics with and he could grasp it.

Third, and last, I’m not standing up and doing any great victory dance. Am I glad Kerry didn’t get in? Absolutely. Relieved? Yes. But no dancing from me. See, I don’t like George, I just really really didn’t like Kerry, so now GWB I say, “Put your money where your frickin’ mouth is, extend the hand to the other 49%, and press on.” He got my vote. He now needs to prove to me he deserved it. I could have just as easily thrown it away to some dork in protest, but I did not.

I don’t believe the average person who voted against Bush is angry. If Kerry got in, I would not be angry. I would have been disappointed. I would have been repulsed that Teresa was representing us as first Lady. But not angry. So I think that the average American who voted against Bush is not angry, so much as disappointed. Perhaps I am wrong.

I am hoping that something happens in the next four years that we have better choices next go round. As much as I am not the optimist, more of a realist, I have an abundant amount of hope and faith and I have hope that one day, one day before I die, that I will be able to vote FOR someone, and not AGAINST.

And to John Kerry I say, thank you for conceding. I was really not looking forward to our country being dragged through the mud. It’s been dirty enough the last few months. Let’s just hose ourselves off now and move on.


Blogger Sally said...

Couldn't have put it better myself. If I lived there, that's exactly what I'd think. Time to move on. And well done, Mr Kerry, for being so French about the matter.


5:20 AM  
Blogger Tammi said...

I couldn't agree more. I'm sick of this stuff. Sick of thinking about it, sick of writing about it, sick of talking about it.

So I settle down last night for some television. They are already talking about 2008!! I put in a DVD and muttered "screw you!"

6:17 AM  

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