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Monday, September 13, 2004

Hunkering Down in the Panhandle

My folks are hunkering down and preparing for Ivan. This is going to get ugly. I keep logging onto all my favorite hurricane tracking sites, including the National Hurricane Center which probably feeds off of the Navy site I watch. That sucker keeps drifting west a little bit at a time. I just don’t want my folks to take a direct hit. It appears to be an inevitability at this point that they’re getting something, but I just as soon it not be direct.

And those people in Louisiana. Geezoweez. For y’all not from the South, let me tell you about La. Those folks have such a high water table they bury their dead above ground. Ivan hits there and I just can’t even imagine what’s going to happen.

So positive thoughts, prayers, vibes, hurricane-dissipation dances if you do them, anything... to get that bad boy down to a Cat 1 or make it just go away. Poof! It could happen! It could!

BTW, if you click on that Hurricane Center site you'll see there is a Tropical Depression heading this way. Lovely. Just lovely.


Blogger Tammi said...

I'm doin' the anit-hurricane dance now. Please, please,please let it either go away or turn into a Cat 1. We'll be watching.

And the tropical storm? Yeah, saw that this morning. *rolling eyes*

PLEASE is it November yet?

9:37 PM  
Blogger VW said...

My folks are hankern' down as well. Now if we had a cat 4/5 headed our way, we would be "getting the hell out of Dodge". Exactly WHY are they staying???? Just because they are above sea level doesn't mean they are safe. Sigh... I keep dancing/praying/shouting and everything else I can do to hope it gets SMALLER before hitting land.

7:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To dance in the eye of a hurricane is to truly experience life.

10:59 AM  
Blogger Boudicca said...

Yeah, well, your neighbors without hurricane shutters might prefer you stay clothed while doing your eye of the hurricane dance!

11:23 AM  

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