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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Not Taking it Personal Yet

Really I’m not. Ivan is skirting us, having startled us with yet another threat. The Great Omnipotent One and my Mom live in God’s country, up in Pensacola. (Panhandle near Alabama, sometimes referred to as LA, Lower Alabama, for all you Non-Floridians). Looks like it may go just east of them to a small city called Panama City. Meanwhile, my sister is on a small vacation with her beau in Cancun. Hmm. Wondering how that’s going! The maps keep saying she’s safe in Cancun, but going home to Atlanta, where Ivan could still take some wrath, could be interesting.

Now, if Ivan gets a hankering and starts making its way out to the real LA (Los Angeles) where my brother lives, THEN I will take it personal. *Grin*

So here’s hoping that damn thing dissipates and turns into a Cat 1. If it hits the Panhandle, every square inch of FL will have taken a hit this year. Argh!

TGOO isn’t all that nervous about it. He figures it can’t as bad as Opal, which was a Cat 3, and made its way smack over their house. Ivan won’t come over his house. That’s the hurricane where my Mom called my sister and said, “Is there anything in your room you would really want to keep?” as the big Oak out front started to fall on the top of their home.

Positive thoughts out to our Panhandle brethren. And on a VERY up note here, my better half and two eldest sons took down our hurricane shutters today and I no longer live in a Tin Can! We have Light! Life is very very good.


Blogger Tammi said...

I was praying it would miss them. I have another friend whose family lives there also.

5:46 PM  
Blogger VW said...

I am praying for all of our folks up there. Cat 1, Tropical Storm... anything below a Cat 2 would make me VERY VERY Happy. Nice to hear your storm shutters are down... want to come take mine down now? hahahaha. After getting the trees and branches out, we're too tired to do anything else. Sleep... sleep...

6:52 PM  

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