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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Yeah, I’m going to post this. I can’t help it. Over at Prochein Amy’s she had a link to THIS post that talks about… public pooping. No, not like on the sidewalk, but as in ‘in a public restroom’. Good stuff, funny article, I cannot expand on that topic, but it was GREAT for a laugh.

But it reminded me of this story, and I don’t think I blogged it before, but this was a riot. I had this boss at my old job that was a hysterical. I loved working for him just for the whole kept me laughing sense, plus, the man really did me right a few times, which allowed me to overlook the fact he used to enjoy using me as his weapon. If there was a meeting not going well, he used to love to come to my desk, tell me what was going on, get me all nice and pissed off, then push me into the room, and close the door behind him as he left, leaving me to kick ass and take names. He said it was like throwing a fire cracker in the room and then ducking.

Anyway, before he became my boss, he had this special stint with an organization I am hesitant to name, but let me say he was our company rep there. He was on the fast track and this was a good ticket for him to get punched.

Now all these folks he worked with were fairly young, mainly men, none of them had children. From my recollection there were 3 women and the rest men, one single woman, one woman who had just had a baby, and another woman that had children but older.

Every few hours, the woman who had a baby would go into the restroom, in particular at lunchtime. Every day. The men used to look at each other and wonder what was going on as she never went empty handed; she always took something with her.

Finally one day, one of the guys said to the single woman, “What does she do in there?” and the single woman said, “I have no clue, but I tell you what, there is a mechanical HUMMING sound coming from the stall she’s in.”

Well, according to my boss, this brought silence and wide open eyes from the men at the office, who immediately assumed that this woman was going into the bathroom, into a stall, every few hours to ‘get off’. I have no idea how long this thought and these conversations occurred, but finally one day, the other woman in the office overheard them and looking at them incredulously said, “Are you kidding me?! That is what you think!!! Good God, she is pumping! She is a nursing Mom. She is pumping milk for her baby!”

Ahhh. I could not quit laughing when I heard this story. Here is a Mom, who probably didn’t even want to go back to work, taking a break every 3 hours to pump breast milk for her baby, probably even feeling a bit self conscious about it (been there, done that) and here these men were all thinking she was going in the bathroom to ‘get off’. If she only knew… Heh.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

TeeHeeHee. Too funny. A humming. Only men would think that.

10:35 PM  

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