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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Spirit of America Blogger Challenge!

You’re hearing it at all the big Blogger sites… now you’re hearing it from me. This concerns Spirit of America. Never heard of it? Click HERE for success stories. Taken from their website:

“Spirit of America helps Americans serving in Iraq and Afghanistan assist people in need. We fulfill requests from American personnel for goods that improve the lives of local people and thus help advance freedom and peace.

We have provided school and medical supplies, sewing machines, hand tools, water barrels, clothing, soccer gear and toys in response to needs identified by American personnel. We contributed equipment to Iraqi-owned television stations to establish a better alternative to Al Jazeera. We helped Iraqi men whose arms were amputated by Saddam Hussein get a new start on life. “

Have you wondered how you can help the cause in the Middle East? Spirit of America is a good answer.

Now how does this affect me? Earlier in the year there was a blog challenge to raise money for SoA. At the time I was not a Blogger, but a commenter at John’s, over at Castle Argghhh! He had created a blog team, The Fighting Fusileers for Freedom. I joined and donated. Spirit of America is throwing down the gauntlet again in the “Friends of Iraq Blogger" challenge and John has resurrected the team and commenter or blogger, you are welcome to join! Bloggers from all over the blogoshere are teaming up with for this fundraiser… a most worthy cause.

Are you interested in assisting? Take a look at John’s site for more information and I encourage you to join us, join our team and donate towards a worthy cause. Commenters and Bloggers alike are welcome. Click HERE to join the Fighting Fusileers of Freedom… and click HERE to donate under our team name. The ball starts rolling 1 December and we already have money coming in!

Every day a Blogger will be making a special post about Spirit of America and every day I will link to it. (In case you are wondering what my part in this is… I’m 'She Who Cracks the Whip'. Once a day I send a reminder to the Blogger of the day reminding them to post and reminding everyone to link. I got the easy job!)

Today’s link is Dean Esmay of Dean's World. Read it HERE.


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