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Friday, December 03, 2004

Carnvial of the Recipes!

I have been so swamped and of course horribly aggravated with blogger, that I have been unable to participate in the Carnival of the Recipes. That does not mean, however, that I have not been using my evening sleepless hours perusing all the recipes. Oh, no, no, no, my friends, I love to lurk at the Carnival.

And this week, is hosted by a blogger Mom and Military Wife Extraordinaire, Angela of Fresh as a Daisy!

I'm not going to go through them all... but let me just say that THIS post gives a whole new meaning to Peanut Butter and Banana sandwiches, one of my favorites, by the way. Thank you Kin... I think. (So much for frickin' weight loss before Christmas...)

There's just a lot over there for anyone... goat cheese in mushrooms (I'm a big cheese lover. Forget drinking milk, just give me a brick of cheese...), chicken dishes, tenderloins, you name it. Take a look!

And while I'm at it, Angela brought this up in my comment section when I was craving chocolate pie... nothing new here folks, I'm always craving chocolate. I really should be as big as a house. Anyway, she has THIS recipe for a Dropped Chocolate Pie. YUM! I will be making this for New Year's dinner as I'm the official dessert maker for my husband's side of the family.


Blogger Kin said...

Glad you liked the recipe! Tell me what you think after you try it. If you wish to give it a more "adult" flavor flambe the bananas with brandy or scotch...

11:54 AM  

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