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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Freaky Odd Weird Stuff

I have changed the names of those involved here... I don't know why, it just felt right to do.

A few years ago, an ex-boyfriend of mine called me to see if I would help plan our 20 year High School reunion as he was in charge. I hadn't kept in touch with him over the last 13 years, but we got along well and I thought it might be fun. He's a good guy, big brain, very witty and successful and I really like his wife. The story here is to show how I got involved. Knowing that I am reliable and a big data person, he asked me to help find our classmates... even though I'm 900 miles away from everyone. That's cool. It was a task I could handle and I started a database, dogging people down. NO, I was not a pain. If someone didn't want to be found, I crossed them off the list. I just needed to make sure everyone had the chance to say no they weren't interested.

I get this note from a girl named Melanie informing me that a girlfriend of hers from our class, Sherri, had died that past December. (It's June when this happened, I think.) I thanked her and sent out a note to the reunion committee that the Memory Table needed to have this girl's name on it. Two days later, I get a note from another classmate stating that not only was Sherri not dead, but she saw her in Church the previous Sunday.

Whaaaa? So now there is e-mail flying and I am told that Melanie may have been seeking some revenge 20 years later on Sherri for something having to do with a boy. Now... I.Am. Pissed. How dare someone use me as their tool for revenge. I didn't have enough on my damn plate without having to get involved with this foolishness?

I proceed to fire off a NASTY note to Melanie informing her that not only is Sherri not dead, but I didn't need my time wasted on petty crap from their past. I get an e-mail back and she is horribly hurt and this is where it gets weird... if it was not weird enough...

Melanie ACTUALLY had proof that she thought Sherri was dead. It seems that Melanie was a whiny unstable sort, always calling Sherri about her problems. (Melanie lived in TX.) Sherri had a preschooler and a new baby and took ill... and ended up in a coma in December. The doctors told the husband that Sherri had less than a 5% chance of survivability. She did live, but she was in a coma for TWO months. However, right after she went into the coma, Melanie e-mailed Sherri and was carrying on about her problems, and Sherri's hubby got the e-mail and was so pissed... he was grieving his wife, he's trying to raise a new born and a 5 year old, he's a complete mess... so he sends Melanie a nasty note saying something like, "I know you think you have it rough, but my wonderful wife is dead and she left me with these two beautiful little girls who will never know their mother... yada yada yada". Melanie sent me the note proving to me that she did in fact think Sherri was dead. Meanwhile, Sherri pulls through and her husband totally forgets he sent the note... until that moment in June.

Is that awful or what? Sherri is pissed at her husband. Her husband is apologizing for the inconvenience of the rumor now going around that Sherri is dead. (The rumor had already started to circulate that Sherri was dead.) Melanie is relieved that her good friend from HS is NOT dead, but also hurt.

And why am I blogging this story? Because I got notice today that Melanie died a couple days ago, age 39. I don't know how. The whole thing... it just hit me odd tonight. Very icky. Very very icky.


Blogger Amy said...

Is that what you call bad karma?

12:39 AM  
Blogger pamibe said...

That is just... odd. I guess all that stuff Melanie kept complaining about just caught up with her.

I just got an email notice that my 30th high school reunion is coming up next year. :P

8:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She's probably just in a coma.

10:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, that wasn't me.

Toluca Nole

2:52 PM  

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