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Friday, October 08, 2004

School Days, School Days...

I am laughing at Angela over at Fresh as a Daisy. She is teasing saying her little one has basically not gone to school this year either. But for different reasons. And it makes me laugh.

One September, my sister in law and I were going through the calendar and we realized that her kids were not going to school one full week for the entire month. Labor Day, ½ day teacher planning days, religious holidays… you name it… not a full week. I think we got to mid-October before we hit a full week of school with full days.

I shake my head. Was it like this when we were kids? (Wow, did I age myself or what? “When we were kids we NEVER had vacation! NEVER!!!! They didn’t even let us off for Christmas! We opened our gifts then went to school. THOSE WERE THE DAYS!! *grin*)

Seriously, though, the whole thing makes me laugh. I will say…with our two hurricanes… all our half days are going away. Lots of 1/2 days off are just “POOF!”, disappearing.


Blogger Graumagus said...

What? You got to open your gifts BEFORE school?!?!?

Your folks were soft :)

9:50 AM  

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