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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Growth and Visuals

Son#2 had a soccer game today. He loves soccer and I have to say, it is so much fun to watch him. He’s typically the smallest kid, but he is fast as hell. I have really become quite fond of Man/Boy Coach and there is this grandpa with this heavy accent… I am thinking it is Russian or Croatian. He loves the kids and he assists on the side. I can tell he knows his stuff as he is typically wearing a Senior or Master Soccer team shirt. The kids will be messing around and he’ll kick them balls and help them with moving it between their feet, switching from side of foot to instep.

I cannot believe the improvement I have seen, even with two hurricanes. Son#2 is like a sponge, just waiting to learn more and his body seems to be ready… his gross motor skills are starting to fine tune. I watch him with the ball now in utter amazement that he has complete control over it as he dribbles it down the field, dodging other kids. It is as if this ball is part of his body.

And as I watch this, I want to play. Not with the kids. But I wish someone would start a Mom’s soccer team. Not co-ed, although a male coach would be totally cool... I'm pretty tired of getting the stew knocked out of me by the men. I get enough of that in Karate. A Mom’s league… but I don’t want it at night, I want it during the day. My nights are full of their stuff, so it would have to be a stay at home Mom’s league… but I can tell… I am the only Mom that feels this way. I want to run on the field, learn to run the ball, block and kick. It’s unfortunate that at this age I am taking an active interest in sports, rather then when I was in my late teens early twenties when I had time, but instead used it trolling for boys or drinking.

Anyway, the only unfortunate thing about this soccer season so far is I haven’t seen any of the men’s teams practicing yet. Let me tell you… that is a real treat. They do shirts vs. skins and I could sit there and watch these men, and they are MEN, not man/boys, play forever. Their legs are muscular and most of them still have nice broad chests; they have kept themselves well. It is the ONE thing I look forward to during soccer season… the eye candy. Who says women aren’t visual, Harv???


Blogger Quality Weenie said...

We have a lot of Housing construction in my area and I love it during the summer doing the slow drive by (well it's a neighborhood of course, so I have to drive slow right?).

One of these days I will do some cat-calls to those construction men without shirts in shorts and wearing boots.


7:25 AM  
Blogger Harvey said...

Yes, Mrs. Robinson, you're a visual kinda girl ;-)

10:04 AM  

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