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Monday, October 25, 2004

Boorish Behavior

I tell you, I'm ashamed sometimes by a great number of the citizens of this country. Truly ashamed. Blog Father Grau had a post today about how he is concerned about what it will be like on Nov 3rd with the election being so nasty.

If you do not live in Florida, please allow me to tell you what is happening here. It was in our papers today. We have early voting here... something that was brought into legislation due to the fiasco of the 2000 election. The rules of no soliciting by groups or campaign supporters within 50 feet of the entrance of a polling place on voting day DOES NOT apply to early voting. So people are being harassed. It is ugly. Polling places are on public governmental property, such as libraries, not like on voting day where they are at fire stations or churches.

In Orange County, someone took all the magazines at the library where voting was taking place and turned them so their candidates faces were showing. Someone from the opposing side checked them all out. People are being rude to the children in the library as their parents try to take them to read... trying to pass the throngs of voters. Orange County may close down all 8 sites.

In Palm Beach County, polling volunteers have literally walked out due to verbal abuse and harassment. Our Elections Supervisor has said, she cannot replace them. If they walk, she will close down the polling place. Period. One polling volunteer was physically manhandled. I believe I heard she may have already closed down 2 of our 8 early polling places, but I am unsure. As of this morning, she was thinking about it.

What have we come to? We are living in the greatest country in the world... 'a democracy in a Republic; a sovereign Nation of many sovereign States; a perfect Union, one and inseparable;...'

I am appalled and embarrassed... by both sides. Our forefathers must be turning in their graves, for surely they did not sacrifice 'their lives and fortunes' for this boorish single minded behavior. We are not leading other countries by example. We.Are.Not.


Blogger Graumagus said...

You know, in my post I said I'm just as guilty because I won't be ale to stomach a Kerry presidency.
I was wrong.
I sure as hell won't be rallying behind the guy, but there are many other things I won't doing as well:
Vandalizing property, physicaly or verbally abusing people, using my size to intimidate people, etc.
In that regard I'm not nearly as guilty of ripping this country apart as these immature idiots are.

2:43 AM  
Blogger Harvey said...

Seriously, these people NEED to get a blog :-)

7:05 AM  
Blogger Contagion said...

Harvey, your answer to everyone is that they need to start a blog.

As for the election. I'm still undecided. And I know a lot of people don't understand that. But I do look at third party candidates, and so far none of the candidates that are running I like. It's my duty to vote, but I may Write myself in....

Remember a Vote for Contagion is a vote for Tyranny!

7:12 AM  
Blogger Quality Weenie said...

I really believe most people have really forgotten that our forefathers put their lives on the line so we can have the country we have today.

That many people have sacraficed their lives so we can have the country that we have had today.

I think everyone, every year should be made to sit down with WWI/WWII vets and talk with them about scarafice and lives lost for our country. It just might make people think about what they truely have, because people have lost touch with what freedom really is.

7:38 AM  

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