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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Future NRA Member?

Today the Boys III and I went out to bring home a friend of Son#1's to play all day. They live in a gated community east of us. After I checked in at the gate, the guard said, "Do you have a lighter?"
I said, "A lighter? No, why?"
He replied, "We have this little candle we wanted to light in here."

It must smell very musty in the guard house. Everything smells musty in S. FL right now.

So we get down the road a piece and Son#3 says, "I don't get it. Why didn't he just use his gun?"

Looking in the rear view mirror, I said, "What? Use his gun? For what?" to which the reply was, "To light his candle!"

That kid actually figured if the guard shot the wick, he could light the candle and his brothers concurred! There was great discussion about gun powder and fire and all sorts of stuff.

Unbelievable. I've been walking around all day saying to myself, "Why didn't he just use his gun?"


Blogger John of Argghhh! said...

Okay,you and the kid need to come visit.

We can discuss (and demonstrate) why Guns Don't Light Candles (but what fun you can otherwise have!)

9:05 PM  

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