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Friday, August 20, 2004

Go Team Go... Even if We're NOT Informed!

It appears that my Blog Father, Harvey of Bad Example, has been asked to take turns with Right Wing Duck, as a sit in for Frank J. at IMAO while he goes on his tryst hiking trip to the Grand Canyon with Sarahk of Moutaineer Musings, also known as his T-Shirt babe. And do you think Harvey informed his blog children of his new side line??? NOOOOOO! Humpf! Sally of Whimsy Carpricious and I stumbled upon it as we were lurking over there as we do every day.

So here I am, knowing that Frank J is leaving, “Ho hum, read read read, what’s this? Frank says Harvey is sitting in for him? Must be a joke. Harvey never told US!” Sure enough, there’s a post from our one and only. I never comment over there because Frank gets 50 comments a post. I’ve seen it damn near if not over 100. Yeah, I’ll pass. But the big thing if you’ve not been over there is the first person who comments usually types “First!” You know you’re gonna get read if you’re the first. Chances are slim to none if you’re 61st. And the comments are half the fun over at Frank's. He's got some hilarious people that comment over there.

First shot I got 21st for Harvey. Second shot, I got 6th. I’m getting better. Of course, my goal is to be first. And if not me... I'm pulling for Sally. I must be in an Olympic frame of mind... gotta stick with the team! Go Team Bad Example! Be #1!!!!


Blogger Sally said...

I got a second! Go us! Are we working a team aggregate system?

11:40 AM  
Blogger Harvey said...

[rolls eyes]

You girls are SO silly :-P

1:43 PM  

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