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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

If the Sound of Silence is Deafening Then What is…

...the sound of a nine year old learning to play a trumpet considered? YEEEIIIIAAA!

We had our band meeting last night which is where all parents and students met with the band instructor to have the students try out instruments and choose what they wanted to play this year. Band is open to 4th-8th grade only. We had been discussing this all summer as I am making it mandatory for all my children to take an instrument. I play a couple, The Great Omnipotent One just keeps picking new instruments to learn (he’s going to be his own one man band shortly), and I made some of my best relationships in band.

I was happy when he picked the trumpet for a couple reasons; one being I was hoping there would be many boys for him to meet. No boys. They’re all girls, which irritates him now, but I think in a few years he won’t mind. The big reason I was excited he picked trumpet was the versatility of the instrument. He can play marching band, drum and bugle corps, symphonic, and jazz. There is just so much he can do with it.

We get there and no new boys show up. They’re all girls. I looked around at the parents and every kid there is one of the top students in their classes. Their parents are very involved and every teacher who has a kid in that school, has their child playing an instrument. I guess the boys are too busy playing sports. No offense, I love sports, but I can’t believe that NOT ONE parent of a boy, other than me, sees the significances of their child learning an instrument.

So this will be interesting. Right now, it is loud. I picked up his instrument today (we’re renting) and he immediately started working on it. At least I know the correct way to blow in one, so I showed him what I knew, showed him the fingering chart in the book, and let him move on. By himself, he’s got a scale down. I just hope he stays enthusiastic. Opening this door for him, this door into the world of music, I hope will one day bring him great pleasure.


Blogger _Jon said...

I played the bajeebers out of the violin.
Until I had an instructor who was a jerk.
Really ruined it for me.

7:09 AM  
Blogger Quality Weenie said...

I played the Clarinet from 5th - 9th grade. I regret not going on and playing in the High School band.

But I am gratful for those years because it taught me to love Classical music. Tchaikovsky is my favorite composer and the 1812 Overture my favorite piece.

7:51 AM  
Blogger Tammi said...

Oh that's great news. Music will add a real joy to his life. It is my one great joy in life. He'll learn teamwork, and reading music helps in other classes also. Marching Band and Jazz band were two of my favorites (although after 1 year I moved to the jazz singer position and enjoyed that more).

What a wonderful gift you've given him, with your encouragement and support. He's a very lucky boy.

BTW - did you hang on to any of your earplugs? They are always a good idea! ;)

7:53 AM  
Blogger Harvey said...

Pretty much what Machelle said. I played 2 years of violin & 4 years of cello. Although I couldn't play either anymore, I learned a lot about music theory and reading music, which helped immensely in understanding ALL encounters with music since then.

Music is so much nicer when you understand what's going on :-)

10:59 AM  
Blogger Sally said...

I'm a Chopin freak, myself. I LOVE the cello, however. What timbre!

My divorced friend had a great trick. She bought her three kids(all under the age of five) kazoos just before a weekend visit to their father and his new squeeze. My ears hurt just thinking about it...

3:08 PM  

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