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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Unsung Heroes

I was over at Blog Sis Tammi’s, Road Warrior Survival, and she has this excellent post on linemen. The men and women who keep our electricity going; show up and work long daggum hours to get us up and running after a disaster. I didn’t know how all that worked, their hours, where they’re housed, nothing. It really is a GREAT read, so take a look. They appear to be our unsung heroes.

I was talking to my Mom about it on the phone today and she was saying she had been summoned for jury duty not so long ago and during her long wait, she was sitting next to a man who was a lineman. You have to know my Mom, but my Mom is the most appreciative person you'll ever meet. She is extraordinarily kind. So she finds out what this man’s occupation is and she THANKS him for all his hard work and all he does in keeping us in power. From there he started telling her stories about how he goes out after a disaster to help people get up and running and people greet him and the crews with coke and cookies and all sorts of food. He said it makes him feel so good that these people are so appreciative!

So I am hoping that in all these bad areas that people really are being appreciative of the linemen and I know that next time I meet one, I too will say Thank You!


Blogger Contagion said...

On July 4th of 2003 we had a huge storm up here that took out the power to most of the city. The linemen worked around the clock for a week to restore the power. Most people were appreciative. What got me though, was the ones that didn't get their power restored on the first day started getting pissy. Hell it took 4 days for our house to get power back, and I understood they not only have the city I live in, but the surrounding communitees as well. Some went so far as to claim they where being racist in how they determined whos power was restored first. Fortunantly they where those of us that appreciated what they did out weighed the ignorant few that did not.

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