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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Snips and Snails and Whoopy Cushions

We have added onto our house and it is damn near completion, considering this 6 month job took our low life POS builder 13 months... and counting since he still has to finish his punch list. It has been a very stressful time, but now that it is finished, it is nice to try to get reorganized.

When we built this house 9 years ago, we had one baby, I wasn't pregnant yet with Son#2, and we damn sure weren't thinking there would ever be a Son#3. The bedrooms are smallish and the layout of the house was really not conducive for a family of 5, so we added two bedrooms and a family room, and while they had my roof pulled off, I had them go ahead and cover my back porch and screen it in.

This weekend we've been cleaning out the toy room as it will be Son#3's room when we get a fresh coat of paint on it and put up all his Hulk paraphenalia. My Mom saved me by buying him Hulk sheets for his birthday, so we're set on the obligatory Hulk bedding.

For 6 months my boys have been living out of wardrobe boxes shoved in the toy room. Items have just been thrown in boxes as there has been no room to walk in there. Now it's time for us to clear it out and get rid of junk.

During my cleaning today I realized that we have:

1) More plastic reptiles, bugs, and animals than should be allowed in one house.
2) We could also supply a preschool with all its crayons, markers, and colored pencils for a year... or more. Every year listed on the school's supply list are crayons and markers. Every year I buy them new so they don't have to start the new school year with crappy old grubby crayons and markers that may give out. Hence, we now have plastic containers so full of crayons, that I cannot physically lift them. I am now looking for a donation place for used crayons and markers.
3) We have cornered the market on Whoopy Cushions. I'm surprised there isn't one placed under every cushion of this house.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congradulations on the house being finished. Now the fun part of getting everything in it's place. Or not.


6:50 AM  
Blogger pamibe said...

After a year I bet you can't wait to s p r e a d out and find room for everything again!

We have an older house here, built in 76... of course it needs work. But. There are just too many reasons to put it off.... ;)

Enjoy the new living space - and I'm very jealous about your screened in patio!! :D

9:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm... maybe you could look into crafts that have you make stuff out of melted crayons.

Or just melt them into some huge-ass crayons and let the kids play with those :)


12:08 PM  
Blogger Boudicca said...

Heh, S. Funny you should say that. My sister bought my kids this melty crayon contraption machine. You take crayon pieces and melt them into funky colored regular sized crayons. So we'll do some of that for sure. But even then, I think it would take me about 60 hours to melt all the little crayons into big crayons and unfortunately they aren't big ass honker sized crayons! Then I have all these nearly whole size crayons.

My Dad (TGOO) keeps telling me to just throw them away. There's just something in me thinking there are kids out there without crayons... Hmm. That truly may be one of the dumbest thoughts I have ever had!

12:50 PM  
Blogger Harvey said...

Put them out by your curb the day after trash day in a box marked "FREE". Either someone will pick them up, or the trash guys get them 6 days later.

1:08 PM  
Blogger Anathematized1 said...

Some lady actually made a crapload of those large crayons. She used molds of various shapes and donated them to local kindergarten classes, or disadvantaged youth or something. I thought that was kind of cool.

And who said YOU had to do it..isn't that what kids are for?

8:23 PM  
Blogger Michele said...

Can I relate to what you've been going through! On New Year's Eve there was a fire in the apt above me. Thanks to me the miserable bastard only had light structure damage. I on the other hand had lots of water damage. It took 3 months for the coop board to get it's act together with some help from me forcing their hand by retaining a lawyer. Another 2 months to finally make basic repairs and remove all the damaged cabinets. Thank God I insisted they leave the cabinet where the bathroom and kitchen and respective plumbing sit otherwise I'd be living in hell. I've now waited for 2 months for all the new cabinets. Tomorrow it's back to my lawyer.

8:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I know the pain of remodelling. In our other house we had 4 of us and 1 bathroom. The bathroom had to be totally gutted and remodelled because the walls were so bad. The guy doing the job (who did excellent work BTW) got pneumonia and ended up in Intensive Care!!! We had a toilet and a tub - no shower, because the stall walls hadn't been installed, no sink, as they were going to put that in after the floor was in place. The floor was the concrete slab with some lovely black stuff on it (we think it was the adhesive for the linoleum tile that was originally there). It was like that for 3 weeks until he got out of the hospital and was able to come back and finish. It was beautiful when he got done... it was the inbetween that was REALLY bad!

As for the crayons - are there any women's shelters in your area? When women leave an abusive relationship, they usually take the kids with them - and these shelters are often looking for things for kids too. Just a thought.

Anyhow, now that it's about done, just think of how nice things will be! WooHoo!!!

2:31 PM  

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