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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

He'll have the Stadium Seating in the Bathroom, Thank You!

On Wednesdays during the summer months I hire a sitter for four hours in the afternoon and I run errands. Grocery shop, banking, dry cleaning, etc.  The kids love it because they HATE doing errands and love their sitter, I love it because I hate running errands with them, and my sitter loves it because he needs the money.  So today was errand day.
I was in a restroom in a store and in the stall next to me came a little boy and his grandmother.  I come out to wash my hands and I hear him say, “Ahhhhh”.  His grandmother starts to laugh and says, “Wow. You really had to go that bad.”  I’m smiling to myself.  Then I hear him say, “Hey, Grandma!  Did you hear that toot?”  Now I’m stifling a laugh.  Finally I hear him say, “OK, Grandma, it’s now time for me to shake it, but not break it.”  Now I am laughing out loud as they come out of the stall.
My question had been answered.  I have been wondering when the time will come that I will no longer live in fear of embarrassment or humiliation when I am in a public restroom.  The answer is:  when I no longer have to go in with a small child.  Son#3 still has to come in with me and I cringe every time we go.  I would almost rather wet myself then have to take him.  We have thankfully moved past his need to outwardly comment on what kind of underwear I’m wearing.  I love it when that happens.  LOOOOVE IT!!!  (rolling my eyes)  I am now at the point where if he has gone to the bathroom first, I immediately give him the evil eye so he doesn’t fling the door open when it’s my turn.  You think I joke; I do not.  We still, unfortunately, feel this need to describe all that passes through his small body while in a public restroom.  I nearly die every time.  “Oh look Mom!  It’s bright blue. That means we had Superman ice cream last night!”  Yeah, that’s what it means to him, but to me I keep wondering if Blue Die #whatever causes some sort of colon cancer later in life.  
I need a damn life. This is, what?, the second post in two days on bathroom stuff. 


Blogger Harvey said...

I've GOT to get some Superman ice cream :-)

8:59 AM  
Blogger Boudicca said...

That stuff is just foul. You find it at Baskin Robbins and those stores... its also Rainbow Ice cream.. it's got this bright blue. Blech.

9:18 AM  
Blogger Sally said...

Oh yes, I remember that. When she was two, she'd be in a public place and yell "Mommy! I'm doing a BIG, SMELLY P..." That was the same year she swallowed a penny, and I had to "search" for it for days. If one more person asks me why I'm not "working" these days, I'll break their legs ;)

2:55 PM  

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