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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I Don't Think He Signed Up For This...

The question of the day from my 5 year old was, “Mom, why doesn’t Father ever change his clothes? He wears the same thing every day.”

He thinks our priest wears the same clothes every day. Blech. That cracked me up. I can’t wait to tell Father next time I see him. The last big quote was when Father came into the Kindergarten to eat lunch with them and my son said to the teacher, “I saw Father’s wife in Publix!” We had to laugh. Father said, “Oh really? Wonder who she was…” I have to wonder what the woman looked like that he thought she was his wife.

And the poor guy… evidently he told my son he would ride the ferris wheel with him at the Carnival. All week I’ve been waiting to say to Father, “Watch out. My son is going to hold your feet to the fire on that one!”, but I never saw him. Lo and behold, the day of the Carnival came, I’m busy working in the money room and I see Son#3’s teacher. I said, “Oh! I have to find Father. Son#3 said he was going to have him go on the ferris wheel with him!” and his teacher replied, “Too late. They already did.”

Evidently most of the weekend people would say, “Has anyone see Father” and the standard reply would be “He’s up in the Ferris wheel with Son#3 and his family.” Poor man. I don’t know how many times he had to ride that ride. Every time my son saw him he tagged him to ride it again. The big exclaimation at the end of the day to me was, "And Mom! Father doesn't even need tickets to ride the ride! He gets to ride for free!"

On the last night I finally said to Father, “The deal is that Son#3 does not see you as a priest. He doesn’t understand your job and what you do for the people of the parish. He sees you as a grandfatherly figure that can do things, unlike his grandfather here in town.” He thought that was funny.

And to the people who are giving the lovely and funny SarahK of Mountaineer Musings a load of garbage because of what she said about going to Mass with FrankJ and wondering if she could shake the priests hand (funny stuff), I say, “Get a damn sense of humor”. That was great stuff. As I was reading it I kept picturing the priest melting into a pool of water and yelling, “I’m meeeelllltinggg!!!” Heh. People who are not Catholic don’t understand all the rituals and what you can and cannot do. (I’m not Catholic, I’m married to one, and I still don’t get all the rules.) So her wondering if she needed to do the Holy Water thing before shaking the priest's hand was absolutely undestandable and... classic. I can't wait to meet her at our blogmeet!


Blogger Harvey said...

I can certainly understand SarahK's hesitance to get too close to a priest.

I seem to recall that if a priest bites you, you become one :-)

11:24 PM  
Blogger Helen said...

Seriously, I have never thought of it-of course kids would think priests wear the same clothes everyday. It seems obvious, now that I think about it.


The practicality and imagination that children have is amazing. Your son is very, very cool.

4:32 AM  
Blogger Quality Weenie said...

Both hubby and I are Catholic and we still get awed when we learn a priest does normal people things.

For example:

Sisters wedding, hubby sits at table with priest and is stunned by the fact that he goes out and goes golfing with his friends and they drink beer while golfing.

Or that when hubby was volunteering at the church during his layoff and went over to paint the priests house nearly fainted when we found out the priests don't make their beds and they have a big screen TV.

Even Catholics hold priests up to a higher standard and don't really see them as just everyday people.

8:17 AM  

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