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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

When the Blogosphere Infiltrates Your Life Part II

This one is for Ogre.

Harvey, Blog father extraordinaire and Evil Man that he is, posted THIS in mid-November. All Bad Example readers could not get it out of their heads. It was an awful thing. Ogre even changed his blog title for awhile, Ogre's Politics, Views and Llamas. I didn't post on it, it was being posted everywhere and I really didn't want to further the distribution of that horrible earworm, so I copied the link and sent it to my family in an e-mail. I mean, I didn't want to do evil to any of my readers... just my family. *grin*

Guess what song I have been hearing all Christmas? Yes, it is true, whilst cleaning Christmas dishes, I hear my brother and sister singing Llama, llama, duck... or various parts of the song. This entire vacation, that is what I've been hearing. My sister even pulled it up on the internet so my kids could hear it. ACK!

And so, for you Ogre, in playing Zoo Tycoon 2 today, my sister specifically looked to see if she could add llamas to her zoo. No such luck, llamas are not an option. The travesty of it all...

And for Eric, we have come to the conclusion that penguins are high maintenance birds that are never happy, many curse words have been thrown at those penguins, and if the adoption of a Leopard Seal were an option, her Zoo would have one... in the same cage as the penguins. I am awaiting the time in great frustration she takes down the wall that separates the penguins from the polar bears and simply puts up a rubber band fence.


Blogger Jody said...

Ooohhh, I hadn't seen that one before! It's no Kenya, but close. I may have to harass my family with it. TeeHee!

3:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

…. See?… I told you, Boudicca… those penguins are the spawn of Satan.. pity me, sis… I have a houseful….

4:48 PM  

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