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Friday, December 10, 2004

Baldilocks, Beirut, And a Pivotal Point

I've been posting for Spirit of America, a cause I believe in, a cause in which I have donated and will do so again. Today's post is from Juliette of Baldilocks, but it is not a normal post. It is a post about her experience in the USAF and how the bombing of the Marine Corps barracks in Beirut effected her and her view of her job.

Being in a military family, we were usually very cognizant of the world around us. We were fortunate to live overseas, not so fortunate to be there in a time that was scary, ended well, but could have been disasterous. But 1983, I was a Freshman in college, I remember the bombing vividly and not just because I've always read the paper or because when at my folk's house we always watch the nightly news, but because it was so... so... awful. It made me physically ill. It was my first cognizant brush with terrorism against Americans.

Her post is a worthy read. She has an awesome blog. Take a look HERE.


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