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Thursday, December 09, 2004

SoA and a Request from a Fallen Warrior

Spirt of America. I've been writing about it for a week now and the drive continues. So far The Fighting Fusileers have raised over $5000. I am amazed at people's generosity.

Today's post is by Kelly of The Patriette. Awesome Post. Take a read!

On a different note, Matty at Blackfive has something everyone MUST read. A soldier died and he left a last request in the event he was killed in combat. His request was that Toby Keith's song "American Soldier" play at his funeral. His family and friends are trying to get stations all over the nation to play it at 1PM EST on Wednesday, the 15th. I've already e-mailed my radio station... could you think about e-mailing your calling yours? The worst that can happen is they won't play it. Read his post for further details.

**Update: I messed up the time on the song playing and have corrected it. That's what I get for blogging so late. GRRR! Song playing is for 1PM!***


Blogger Harvey said...

Bou - the funeral's at 10am, but the target time for playing the song is 1pm, according to Matty's post.

12:33 AM  

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