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Monday, November 15, 2004

On Second Thought, I'll Pass on the Pringles

THIS Post by blog sister Sally of Whimsy Capricious reminded me of a story...

We had just made the 9 hour trip back from my folk's house about 3 years ago. We stopped at Publix 5 minutes from home so we could get milk and dinner. My husband went in and I stayed with the boys. The van was full of crap, nobody had shoes on, I was a total wreck and I was beat. Suddenly I heard the dreaded words from Son#1, 'Mom... I have to pee."

I'm pretty sure one of the boys was asleep and the thought of getting them all out of the car, with shoes on, and taking 3 boys ages 2, 4. and 6 into the restroom was more than my frayed nerves could handle. So... I decided to do what mothers of boys sometimes do, and I looked for something for Son#1 to pee in. The only thing I could find was an empty Pringles can. See... when you travel with kids... it's all about the snacks.

Well, Son#1 peed in the can and then looked into it and said, "Hey, I see chips floating in there." Evidently there were Pringles remnants in the can. Next thing I know, sleeping boy is now awake, all boys are unbuckled, there is much positive energy in the car and I'm hearing, "Wait! Mom! I want to see the floating Pringles!" and here I am, sitting in the back of my mini van, with a Pringles can full of pee and floating chip crumbs thinking, "I so did not expect my life to be like this."


Blogger Harvey said...

You WILL be posting pictures of the floating Pringles, right? :-)

12:09 AM  
Blogger That 1 Guy said...

LMAO! Again, Harvey beats me to it!

2:35 AM  

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