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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Things That Make You Go... HMMM *raised eyebrows*

I do a bit of fundraising for the American Cancer Society, so today I went down to their local office here to meet with my new representative and get some items taken care of. As I left the building, there was a small van parked under the overhang. It was painted as a 'company' van. I know y'all have seen them... the cars painted to advertise their corporations... kind of like city buses are painted nowadays.

My sister and I joke about corporate cars all the time. She works for a nice size corporation that has those vehicles. She has had to drive one, not in her permanent possession, from time to time and she says it's awkward. While representing your company you surely don't want to be driving like a jerkface and flipping people off. Road rage while in a company vehicle is a definite NO! NO! Not that she and I are road rage type people, but we can be aggressive when we have to be, zipping in and out of traffic, or cursing at idiots that cut us off. We learned well under the Master... The Great Omnipotent One.

So we laugh how company cars are not necessarily good for people like us... besides I don't want to drive something that is akin to a billboard on wheels. Perhaps it is just me.

I walk out and see this van, painted with corporate logo for the ACS and I look at the aft section of the van, the back 1/3 to be exact... everything but the driver's section and in big green letters on the top 1/2 it says, "Prostate and Colon" and then something about "Get Checked". Now I am doing the big *GASP* can you imagine not only having to drive around in a corporate painted vehicle, but now one that is advertising a public service announcement about Prostates and Colons? No.Thank.You. I'll take a pass on that one. But... it gets better...

As I look to the bottom half it says, "The 19th Hole Club". I busted out laughing. How frickin' humiliating is that? Public service announcement aside... You've now been relegated to have your vehicle remind people about the OTHER Hole... evidently the 19th hole. Cracked me up.


Blogger Harvey said...

Ya know, I'll bet the guys who drive it are just laughing the whole time they're behind the wheel.

Also, I can't help but wonder if they make women drive a "20th hole" car?

7:13 AM  

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