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Monday, October 18, 2004

Carnival of the Pajamas At Harvey's

Ack! I got distracted last night and I forgot to post this yesterday as I had intended!

Over at Blog Father Harvey’s he has his Carnival of the Pajamas Post up! I do believe there is something for everyone… again. *grin*

Harvey gave us women folk another shot. Wow. We’ve now had a most excellent chest shot, this week we got the back shot… I think I’m scared about any future shots. Not much left...

Anyway, take note that I am making NO requests of anyone. A couple of us made mention of chest shots on someone’s post, then it got into hiking boots, and khaki shorts and next thing I know, we’ve got these great chest shots in last week's Carnival. Yikes! So I am making no requests for fear there may be some secret reciprocity agreement… I’ve gone as far as I can go!

Now I will just lurk and grin and consider anything I see, icing on the cake or rather beef cake!


Blogger Harvey said...

You can still go the "submit a photo of a professional model" route.

We still won't know the difference, Wilson.

Unless she doesn't have nice legs :-)

7:14 AM  

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