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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Home Depot In Pea Ridge, FL

There is so much to post and I can’t keep up. I’ll get to it all eventually.

I know I went on a Home Depot bashing frenzy before Hurricane Frances. When I called my Mom and The Great Omnipotent One after Ivan hit, after Home Depot finally opened its doors, my Mom said, “You need to post on what a super job Home Depot has done up here.” So here is the post.

TGOO woke early, no surprise, to get to Home Depot first thing as he heard they were open. He went to the Home Depot in Pea Ridge. Yes, that is a town in Florida, as are Bagdad and Two Egg. When he got there a line had formed. As one person exited Home Depot, another was allowed to enter. However, it was not a case of just enter and fend for yourself, as you entered the store, you were assigned a Home Depot worker who took you to the aisles you needed to go to and assisted you in selecting the proper supplies for your repairs. In TGOO’s case, his personal Home Depot shopper took him directly to the roofing section, where he promptly helped him get the shingles and any other supply that would be helpful in his repair process.

TGOO said it was efficient and a real pleasure to work with them. He was in and out of there in no time flat. No wandering around wondering where things were located.

So to the Home Depot in Pea Ridge, FL, a big THANK YOU from Boudicca in hitting 100% in Customer Service and helping the victims of Ivan… in particular because your employees were victims too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's all in the store management. Especially in a chain like Home Depot or Walmart, some stores will be great and some will be lousy - it's more in who runs them and what they expect of their employees than in the actual chain itself. So, if you get bad service - and complain to the store management - and nothing changes - then you know that store has lousy management too.

In the cities and suburbs I have noticed that most Walmarts are poorly run and tend to be dirty cramped stores. But when I've been out in the country where Walmart may be the biggest store around - they tend to be clean and well kept. (once again a generalization) Even better - the Target store in our town is very clean, well kept. It's been open about 5 years or so - definitely long enough to go down hill if it wanted to (the local Walmart sure did). The Target in my mom's neighborhood - has been there 30 years and in all those year it has looked like a down at the heals second cousin - a pretty scrungy store. Different management.

So - if your Home Depot ticks you off - call the manager and complain! See what happens - then decide if it's worth giving your business to that store. *grin*

-- Teresa

9:04 AM  
Blogger VW said...

On a side note from your blog... what about the other cities in Florida like;

Tit-us-ville (I couldn't resist hyphens)
Weeki Wachee
Christmas (Yep, you can live in Christmas)
Doctors Inlet
Winter Garden
Winter Haven (bah ha ha)
Winter Park
Winter Springs
Or you can live in Jupiter, work in Neptune Beach and drive a Saturn. (oh that was just sad... and I just couldn't resist).

Ok, 2 more: Niceville (snicker snicker) and Greenacres (is the place to be... music continues to greenacres sitcom)
and a whole lot more.

10:21 AM  

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