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Monday, August 23, 2004

Mexican Manicotti from Tammi

Tonight I made Blog Sister Tammi's Mexican Manicotti , from the Carnival of the Recipes, and it gets two thumbs up. As Beth said in her blog, it makes a lot of food, so keeping that in mind, I halved the recipe. (I had no idea refried beans comes in BIG cans. That’s the one you DON’T want.) I would recommend keeping in mind how many people are eating, how big a 9x13 is, and then cut it down accordingly. Refried beans are not expensive. I felt not an ounce of guilt throwing it out. Better to throw out half a can of beans than half a casserole!

My husband HATES Mexican food and I do make it a point of not cooking what he hates, but since he does happen to like Fajitas, for some reason I thought we might have chance. He really liked this and had me put it on the list of ‘make again’. (Turns out his issues with Mexican food is he hates the crunchy shells. This recipe takes care of that.)

The boys are not picky eaters, but they will definitely tell me if there is something they don’t care for. I have a rule in my house, you eat what I cook or you starve. On the flip side, I promise never to cook things that children habitually hate… things that are too strong for a child… like things really heavy in onions. I wasn’t sure how they would be with this as sometimes they think things are ‘too spicey’. (Mints are ‘too spicey’.) But all three of them loved it.

It’s a make again!


Blogger Tammi said...

So glad ya'll like it. It's one of my favorites, and living alone I don't get to make it very often. My sister made it for me when I got back from my last Atlanta trip - it was my birthday dinner. There were 3 of us, big eaters, and after 2 dinners I had to throw 1/3 of it away. :(

But you can bet when I have company that is always on my list of possibilities. I'm making your pork on Saturday!!! I can hardly wait.

10:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, I'm starving! Any chance you're gonna make this when I see you next?

Toluca Nole

5:20 PM  

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