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Recently have been told I look like Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island. I hadn't heard that in years, but that is a good place to start as to what I look like, although she had a better bod. I have three boys and have been married for 13 years. Born of a Navy family, in Hawaii, one Mom, one Dad, one sister and one brother. The eldest of three children. BS in Applied Mathematics. Consider Pensacola my home town although I moved every 2-3 years of my life growing up. Currently work in the aerospace industry in an engineering position while being a Mom. Of Celtic heritage and very proud of it.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Freaks of Nature

I’ll never blog about seriously personal things in the lives of my family. However, I will poke fun at things I think concern me… and I’m sure I will catch some hell.

I have a younger sister, who has it all, looks, brains, great job, great personality, funny as all get out. She just started dating this new guy who we hear is a really good person, and I’m looking forward to meeting him. We’re all home for the 4th, a big family reunion, and he happens to be in town too. Coincidentally, his Mom lives in the same general area. Do you think we’re going to meet him? Noooooo! She is afraid to bring him to meet the clan. Can you believe it? You would think we were weird or something.

Now, I know we’re not exactly normal. But we’re not that far off normal. Sure, there are a lot of Native American flutes lying around the house since The Great Omnipotent One makes them and we all own one. There are also a lot of drums in the house… the Native American kind, not the snare kind. If someone isn’t playing a flute or fiddle, or banging on a drum, there is usually some type of Celtic/bagpipe music playing somewhere, if some sport isn’t on the TV. Sure, there are M&M’s that are color coated in candy dishes that match the décor of every room. Typically, you’ll find at least one person off in a corner reading. We’re all voracious readers. Then there is the fact that there are nine of us now and my brood is rather loud. Some boy is somewhere in the house whooping it up or screaming like a banshee. But, there are three of them, within 4 years, the eldest being nine, isn’t that to be expected? And of course typically you’ll find a kid or two or three in the front driveway with a magnifying glass and pine straw, “burning”. And then there’s the annual ceilidh we’re all preparing for. Geez. You’d think we were freaks. And it’s all because of Bob The Dickhead.

She had a boyfriend she brought home two years ago, for the 4th. All of us were in town. They had been dating for awhile, so he came and met the clan. Aunts, Uncles, my extension, and the immediates. He met my boys and decided he didn’t want kids. End of story. They broke up. (She wants a family.) That’s not what makes him a Dickhead, there are some other things that occurred that garnished him that label. In my book, it made him thankfully honest, but I think it has now made her gun shy to bring people to meet us.

Humpf! She keeps blaming it on other things. Meanwhile, she’s met his Mom and Dad. Phht. I think she’s scared of us! (Anyone want to adopt me? I may need a Witness Protection Program after I Post this and she reads it!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I empathize with this. Sally is the only woman my family have ever liked me going out with (and marrying I hasten to add). Given that my track record is very very poor this is hardly surprising (a psychotic stalking US lady being the previous beau) but boy did it still make me nervous to introduce Sally!

I have the utter opposite effect with potential in-laws though. All their families have loved me - particularly their mom's. It must be the air of beautific calm and angelic looks that get me through. And if you believe that I will get Sally to tell you another!


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