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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Firing a Warning Shot Across the Bow... Don't Mess with the Marines

From Grau's blog, I went to Blackfive to see A Marine Letter to Al Queda. Most of the readers I have, come from Grau or Harvey and are loyal readers of Matt over at Blackfive. If per chance you have not seen this letter via any of them, then go take a look. It is worth it. It begins with:

To the terrorists currently operating in Iraq,
I see that you have captured a U. S. Marine, and that you plan to cut off his head if your demands are not met. Big mistake. Before you carry out your threat I suggest you read up on Marine Corps history. The Japanese tried the same thing on Makin Island and in a few other places during World War Two, and came to regret it. Go ahead and read about what then happened to the mighty Imperial Army on Tarawa, Iwo Jima and Okinawa. They paid full price for what they did, and you will too.

And to the Terrorists, in the event you behead one of our Marines, I wish nothing but slow miserable deaths to you. I hope that as you die you realize the full extent of what you have done and realize that we will all mentally dance on your graves. And if it were up to me, and Boudicca were Queen again, all your kin would die too, to set an example, prevent their retaliation, and ensure they do not become like you. But I know our Marines and I know our military and they are good people. Your families are safe. So I will have to be content in knowing that they will seek you out and exact revenge and it will be sweet.


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