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Recently have been told I look like Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island. I hadn't heard that in years, but that is a good place to start as to what I look like, although she had a better bod. I have three boys and have been married for 13 years. Born of a Navy family, in Hawaii, one Mom, one Dad, one sister and one brother. The eldest of three children. BS in Applied Mathematics. Consider Pensacola my home town although I moved every 2-3 years of my life growing up. Currently work in the aerospace industry in an engineering position while being a Mom. Of Celtic heritage and very proud of it.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Over At Beth's...

You will see the list of all of us who have signed on to the Fighting Fusileers for Freedom in the Blogwar Challenge for Spirit of America. We have pulled away from the TLLB team, but are having to march on to catch the Evil Northern Alliance.

Beth has posted HERE what we hear is REALLY going on over at the Alliance! So join forces with the Fighting Fusileers for Freedom, donate towards a good cause, and I hear you may save a kitty too!

HERE to donate.

HERE to join our Team.


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