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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Not In a Tree... Sam... Just.Let.Me.Be

I forgot about this Christmas tree post!

The kids were decorating our tree; I was sitting off to the side watching and my better half was filming it. Fiona was rolling around in her ball at our feet. Yes, she seems to be a fully entrenched part of this family now. I’m pathetic. In love with a hamster.

One of the boys runs over and he is holding a bright shiny silver ornament. It’s Cat-in-the-Hat. There appear to be six (6) of them, various characters from the book, and they are being divvied up evenly amongst the boys. I look at the ornament and say, “Gee, where did we get these? I don’t remember Cat-in-the-Hat ornaments.” My husband replies, “Oh, I think they got those at Burger King.”

Burger King? On my tree? There is just something SO HORRIBLY WRONG with having Burger King ‘kid’s meal’ toys on our Christmas tree.

Son#3 comes over as his stupid BK trinket is missing the ribbon from which it should hang.

“Can you help me, Mom?” he asks as he hands me his ornament. I can’t find any Christmas hooks and considering it’s a damn ornament from BK and not some family heirloom or something they made at school, I refuse to spend much time.

So I did what any resourceful mother would do and I pulled the pony tail elastic holder from my hair, made a loop and attached it to his ornament and said, “Here. This works.”

Now if you look at the side of the tree, two (2) feet up from the bottom, you will find a Burger King Cat-in-the-Hat ornament hanging from a pony tail holder. It just seemed fitting.


Blogger Harvey said...

Picture, please :-)

11:20 AM  
Blogger Sally said...

The advantage of having only one child is that you can give them their own little tree to decorate with vile and unspeakable things.

1:15 PM  

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