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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Not Watching This One Either

Yes, I am political. I just don't blog on it much.

I won't be watching this debate either... or any of them... for a few reasons.

First, I don't like Dick Cheney. Can't stand him. Have never liked him. I wish that GW had gotten someone else this time, much like I wish his Dad had replaced Dan Quayle. And I cannot stand Edwards. I don't even know where to start with that one... so I won't.

Preliminary predictions for me is that Cheney will eat Edwards for lunch. Cheney is a shrewd businessman. Edwards is just... not.

Second, I know who I'm voting against. Quite frankly, I'm at the point though whether I can't figure out if I'm voting against John or Teresa MORE. Damn, I cannot stand her. We were talking about it at dinner tonight and I said to my Better Half, "Maybe I just cannot stand her so becasue I'm a woman and I have NO respect for a woman like her." Who knows. It is what it is.

Third, I hate the political mudslinging. There is lying on both sides. I cannot let myself get worked up about it because I can. I am a very passionate person and I can let something like this election completely ruin my life for the next 4 weeks and I.Just.Cannot.Do.It. I have a family to raise. I have a life to live. And as The Great Omnipotent One says when I encounter a problem in my life, "If you step far away and look at your entire life, this will be but a blip on your radar." And that is what this election is to me... a blip on my radar. I can't let it consume my life for I know I am the type that can let it.

Fourth, there are many bloggers that do this for a past time... blogging on politics. They do it much better than I could. They are better spoken, more well read, and better versed on the ins and outs. I'm just not. So I choose to blog on things that make me laugh, piss me off, or observations. Watching the debate is not something I need for my blog.

So, that's where it is.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am also political, but I have quite a few distractions this year so I didn't post much about it.

As for your reasoning on this post I'm so understanding of it. I made up my mind who and why on my vote, so for me it's over until I actually do place my vote on election day.

Wish you lived next door, at least we could talk about something else, anything else, because we know who were voting for.

But one thing does puzzle me, with the issues being so clear cut, why are some people still undecided? Do you think that's true? Just doesn't make sense to me.


8:23 AM  
Blogger Tammi said...

Yeah, well you can bet my posting on anything political will be next to nothing after the past couple of day! :)

BTW - thanks for the support!

10:27 AM  

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