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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The Mother Lion Comes Out

Me thinks Son#3's teacher did not realize she was messing with the wrong frickin' Mom.

Today I started him with my neighbor the reading specialist. This is what she does... all day long... works with kindergarten and first graders on reading and writing. I picked him up after an hour and she rolled her eyes. She said she was going to do a developmental test on him next, but first blush is that he is fine. Sure, there is some weakness in the tendons in his wrist, something we can work on, but other than that, she said she was kind of impressed by what he knew after 11 weeks of hugely interrupted education.

Oh.. to not tell his teacher to "Bite me!" if she says anything. And that specialist woman... ohhhh.... she is on my major major sh1t list. Major.

I am going to stay focused with him, but it is going to be difficult not to cop an attitude and say to either of them, "I am raising a boy here... not a saint." GRRR!

The parting comment of my neighbor was, "Are you sure you have not gotten one of those teachers that does not like boys?" I just stared at her because I had NEVER given her any indication that this was so... yet this is what goes around school all the time.

"Oh. You got Mrs. K? Good luck this year. She isn't good with boys." HUMPF!

I am keeping an open mind, however. I am not ignoring the possibility that there is not a problem, but as of right now... he is fine and I am thoroughly pissed.


Blogger Anita said...

Oh yes, we too have had "The teacher who doesn't like boys". It was the year from hell. My bright son was totally beaten down by the experience, and it has taken him two years to recover. Also, it seems like the specialists are often, in some way, shape or form, incented and rewarded for identifying people as problematic. It's kinda their job. They feel like they are doing it if they "unearth the problem". What a pain! So glad your neighbor is being helpful . . .

5:30 AM  
Blogger Contagion said...

My oldest while going through grade school had similar problems. We had a couple of teachers tell us he was developmentally behind, which he was. However they where saying it was so bad that he should be held back if he doesn't improve. He's late in the school year birthday as well. After going through stuff like this every year for the last 6 years with my oldest, I've come to some conclusions.

1) Teachers do not want to work with kids anymore. They want the children to be perfect angels that all sit in the seats, don't make a sound and learn perfectly so that the Teacher does not have to spend any extra time with the students. If a student has problems with the schoolwork, sitting in their seat, talking to the other kids, etc the teachers seem to leap to either Immaturity or ADD/ADHD. What I found really funny was that when my kids teacher would get around to finally telling us about the problems he was having and wanting us to put him on meds (which he is on now after 4 years of fighting it) We would work with him and the teacher to improve the situation. With in a month you would see an improvement everytime. So if the teacher wouldn't have waited until November to share this info maybe the school year would have started off better.

2)ADD/ADHD is the end all, catch all answer to every teacher that has a kid that has problems. When my oldest was in first grade he had what was the worst teacher I have ever heard of in my life. He is still battling to overcome her teachings. She told us that Oldest child had ADD, she knew because of her 20 years of teaching 1st grade she knows it when she sees it, and needs to be on meds. She told us she would not teach him until he was on meds and would hold him back if need be. My Spouse and her Ex caved in and put him on meds, the boy was like a walking zombie. I was livid. Later at the end of the school year I had to pick the boy up from school and I was talking to other parents of kids in the class. Apparently this was the teachers MO for the last 5 years. Half the class was on meds for ADD/ADHD because of this teacher. Needless to say I filed a grievance with the school, the board of education, the State board of education and the Federal board of education against this teacher. I don't know what ever happened about it because we yanked our kid from that school the next year.

So beware teachers. They have a tough job and I don't envy them for that, but it seems a lot of them are looking toward drugs to calm down the kids, not discipline and the parents assistance.

7:16 AM  
Blogger Quality Weenie said...

I had a Reading teacher in middle school (6th grade) that didn't like girls. I ended up in the special reading class, half way through our first session the teacher is like why do they have you in here, there is no problem with you.

3 days later the teacher demanded that I be taken out of the special reading class because it was only hurting me. The teacher that didn't like girls didn't like that I was back in her class.

7:45 AM  
Blogger Quality Weenie said...

I forgot to add, have you thought about trying to get him transferred to the other teachers class?

You still have a long school year left and the teacher could do more harm than good.

7:46 AM  
Blogger pamibe said...

I didn't say anything about this other day because it's a sore point with me... I may be a little biased against teachers who think every child belongs in the same mold.

Our 5 year old grandson also had 'problems' that don't really exist.
The daycare he went to for years constantly told his mother that he needed to be tested, that he wasn't 'normal', e.g. ADD. Couldn't sit still, his writing and reading weren't up "to his age level". He threw up "red flags".
She would then freak out and call me.
Thing is, the "teachers" were just daycare workers, with no education in this area. I told her to tell them to shut up and stop scaring her about a perfectly normal little boy.

He just entered Kindergarten and is a normal 5 year old. Go figure, he's doing fine. Real "teachers" might make a difference, eh?

Son #3's teacher better watch out; I have an idea that she's messing with the wrong Lioness... ;)

8:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah baby!!! Like everyone else is saying... teachers have been soooo brain washed by "education" classes and the NEA - who think all children should be perfect little zombies - they will jump on anything they think is outside the "norm". Wankers!!!!

I simply astounds me that they want to be teachers, yet they only want to be teachers to perfect little Stepford Children. BAH!!! You go girl! If you need backup - I'll fly on down to Florida and have a few words to put in their ears. *grin*. As I said in the last post - you have a normal little boy. Don't let them mess with your mind and tell you differently.

All kids have some small difficulties to overcome. You - being alert - have found his small difficulty and will be able to fix it early. As for what someone else said... is there another class he can be moved to? If not, just grit it out - and roar at the wankers when they start to whine.

-- Teresa

12:05 PM  
Blogger _Jon said...

Two comments:

1) This further makes the case for all male and all female schools.

2) It also makes the case for privatizing the entire educational system.

It so pisses me off that the Feds are so involved in education. It is a state issue. The power-hungry beauracrats are sticking their fingers into other areas of our lives where they don't belong. Grrrrr.

2:06 PM  
Blogger Boudicca said...

They are currently in private school. I can't switch clasees.

I will say, he is clueless. She is very good to him in school. She's not mean. She truly enjoys being with him. However, we will see how long that lasts.

My issue is that he got pegged already for not ready for first grade and it's October. My real issue is that damn specialist they brought in. By the end of the year, I think she will regret she ever met me.

2:34 PM  

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