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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Ivan Update

I called my folks first thing this morning. I believe it was 6:30AM their time. I woke them up and they are fine. They had been up all night. That is all I know since I figured it would be nice if I let them go back to sleep.

I know you’re probably horrified I called them so early. When I called my sister shortly thereafter I said, “Don’t call Mom and Dad, they’re fine and they’re sleeping.” She said, “Umm, it never occurred to me to call them this early, it’s only 6:30 there” to which I replied, “Yeah, well they should just feel pretty damn lucky I didn’t call them at 3:27 AM (2:27 their time) when I woke up with worry and couldn’t go back to sleep.”

VW has called her sister's home and has not gotten an answer yet. We aren't wigging yet as they may have turned the ringer off to get sleep, something my parents are now wishing they did, I am sure.

VW has found a source on the web for information, so this is what she found.

Preliminary reports indicate major damage was done to all four major hospitals: Navy, West Florida, Sacred Heart and Baptist, although I am hearing conflicting reports that it may only be three.

The Civic Center, a major evac center holding 1600 people, also suffered major damage. I am unsure what kind of damage an enormous cement building with no windows suffers, but considering that, I think it sounds very bad. When I spoke to my Mom last night at 8AM CST, the Civic Center had already lost power. I personally can’t imagine being holed up with 1599 people I don’t know with an array of temperaments, in a cement windowless building without power and sustaining major damage. But that’s just me.

I will keep you posted as I hear more. I am sure I’ll talk to my folks in the next couple hours. My only concern is that they are safe… and a short 5 word conversation indicates they are that. I will post when VW talks to her folks too.


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